How to: Fix Something Went Wrong Error on iphone Photos

How to: Fix Something Went Wrong Error on iphone Photos

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Something Went Wrong Error on iphone Photos”

  • It is necessary to transfer images from your iPhone to your PC; however occasionally problems can arise.
  • Many customers said that the error “Something went wrong” appeared during transferring.

It’s typically easy to transfer images from an iPhone to a Windows computer, but occasionally the process may fail with the error message “Something went wrong.”

Here are a few fast fixes to fix this error on your Windows PC if you’re having a similar issue.

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What can I do if the PC won’t import pictures from iPhone?

1. Disable the antivirus on your PC

Any questionable files should be kept out of your computer by the antivirus. The Something Went Your antivirus can occasionally bring on the wrong iPhone Photos Error.

You should temporarily turn off your antivirus program to resolve this problem. You can usually temporarily disable antivirus software for between a few minutes and hours.

If not, make the transfer in the worst-case scenario and fully end the antiviral process. Consider switching to a different antivirus if the issue persists.

Adware, malware, spyware, trojans, and viruses are all created to infect your computer and are frequently disseminated through compromised email or website accounts.

You should not risk your security just because one antivirus does not function for you.

2. Change file permission for the Pictures folder

    1. Open File Explorer by pressing the Windows key plus E.
    2. Select Properties by doing right-click on the Picture folder.
    3. Activate the Security tab.
    4. Click the Edit button next to Group or User Names.
    5. Your username can be found among the profiles.
    6. Ensure all boxes are checked in the Allow section of Permission for (your username).
    7. To save the changes, select Full Control, then click Apply and OK.
    8. If the Full Control option is already turned on, switch it off and then back on.

Try granting Everyone/System profile Full Control permission in the picture properties as well.

    1. Open File Explorer by pressing the Windows key plus E.
    2. Go to: 
      • Picture/ Properties/ Security/ Advanced/ Add/ Select a Principal
    3. Enter “Everyone,” select “Check Names,” and then press “OK.”
    4. Select Full Control under Basic Permissions, then click OK.

Depending on the file format, iTunes automatically sends media files to a preset place on a Windows PC.

It’s conceivable that you recently altered your computer’s settings, changing the file permissions for these files.

3. Keep your iPhone unlocked

According to Apple, data cannot be transferred from one device to another if the iPhone is locked. You can experience the Something Went Wrong message if your iPhone is locked.

Ensure your iPhone is unlocked after connecting it to the PC and that the lock screen is on while transferring files to resolve this issue.

It’s not simple to transfer files between an iOS device and a desktop or laptop running Windows 10, and many customers have had trouble with it.

You must move your files to a single Windows device in order to save, plan, and organize your personal data.

You can selectively copy photographs to wherever you want or export all of your photos, favourite music, or priceless films to your PC with just one click.

Additionally, you can regularly backup and move your contacts to a PC if unanticipated mishaps occur.

As a result, once you’re used to this fantastic application to backup your contacts, you won’t be as concerned when you lose data or your phone.

4. Import photos in small batches

If you don’t routinely import pictures from your phone, your phone probably has thousands of pictures.

It may cause a problem with the transfer process and result in the error message Something went wrong if you attempt to import all the photographs at once. Importing pictures in smaller groups is the answer.

Try to transfer up to a hundred pictures to your computer by selecting them. If it functions, increase the number until the error reappears.

Or you could just keep importing photographs in tiny groups until all the files have been moved.

5. Check the USB cable

A broken USB cable could cause issues with file transfers. Therefore, check to see if your iPhone USB cord has any damage.

Use only the authorized Apple cable for file transfers.

If you transfer the files from your phone to your computer via a non-official USB cord, the Something went wrong error can appear.

6. Use the Import pictures and videos option

    1. Make sure the iPhone is recognized in File Explorer by connecting it to your PC.
    2. On your phone, right-click to search in the left pane.
    3. The Import Photos and Videos option should be chosen.
    4. To choose the files, you want to import, choose Review, Organize, and Group Item to Import.
    5. To import the photos to your PC, select Import.

Windows File Explorer enables you to import images and movies directly into the File Explorer from any recognized device.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why do my iPhone’s photographs not work?

Pictures won’t send through if MMS is off on your iPhone, but standard text messages (SMS) will. Make sure the switch next to MMS Messaging is switched on in Settings -> Messages to make sure MMS is enabled.

2. How are photographic errors fixed?

    1. Try using image editors to open the file. Try opening that problematic image in different image editors rather than settling on one.
    2. Consider changing the image format.
    3. Try using a web browser to open a JPEG file.
    4. Remove the file extension’s hiding.
    5. This expert tool can fix picture corruption.

3. Why are my pictures not sending?

Check the drop-down option to see if the mobile data is turned on and if the smartphone won’t send a photo message. Try briefly turning off Wi-Fi if you’re using it and switching to cellular data instead. You cannot send MMS via Wi-Fi, so check to see if you have a current data plan or enough credit.

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4. Please help, my computer won’t import photos from my iPhone.

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