Can’t Delete Vpn Profile on Iphone? Here’s How to Do It

Can’t Delete Vpn Profile on Iphone? Here’s How to Do It

Here we can see, “Can’t Delete Vpn Profile on Iphone? Here’s How to Do It”

  • Using a VPN on your iPhone is a great idea, especially since your phone undoubtedly contains more sensitive information than your computer.
  • It’s possible that removing a VPN from your iPhone won’t always function as expected. There is, however, always something we can do.

If you’ve been around for a while, you’re probably aware that VPNs are superheroes when it comes to protecting your online privacy. Technology has progressed to the point where small, mobile devices now have more processing capability than desktop PCs. Almost.

Our point is that you can do many things with your phone, including surfing the web. And, to be honest, your phone probably has more personal information than your desktop computer.

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As a result, experts have considered designing VPNs that work effortlessly on your phone. Like any other software, you simply download them, log onto your account, and connect to a server.

Your phone may ask if you want to create a VPN configuration profile, and then you’re done.

Like many other mobile services, VPNs may, nevertheless, cause certain problems. On your iPhone, for example, you could be (seemingly) trapped with undesired VPN settings profiles.

And it detracts from the enjoyment of your spotless operating system and compromises the flawlessness of your device. Although it won’t significantly impact your iPhone’s functionality, that undesired setting profile can be inconvenient.

So let’s look at it more closely and see what we can do about it.

How to remove unwanted VPN from your iPhone?

    1. Get your iPhone unlocked
    2. Locate the VPN application you wish to uninstall.
    3. Hold the app’s symbol in your hand until it jiggles.
    4. In the upper-left corner of the icon, tap the x button.
    5. If prompted, click the Delete button to confirm your decision.

It’s worth noting that deleting an app usually also removes any data related to it. In other words, disconnecting a VPN should also remove any configuration profiles it may have made.

How to delete VPN configuration profiles on your iPhone?

    1. Get your iPhone unlocked
    2. Go to the app Settings.
    3. Go to the General section.
    4. Select Profiles* from the drop-down menu (also called Profiles & Device Management)
    5. Choose the VPN profile to configure.
    6. Select the option to Delete Profile.
    7. If your iPhone prompts you for your password, type it in.
    8. Once more, select Delete.
    9. Restart your device

* If your VPN employs configuration profiles and has them set on your iPhone, restart your device.

This workaround should be performed anytime leftover data remains after the VPN programs have been deleted. Occasionally, deleting the app alone is insufficient to remove the settings profile.

Although it has little effect on the functionality of your iPhone, attempting to create a configuration profile with the same name may not work.

If you’re trying to reinstall the app and the old configuration profile is still present, you might have trouble getting it to operate.

VPN configuration profiles on your iPhone are easy to remove

Overall, we hope you had no difficulties removing VPN profiles from your iPhone. Usually, uninstalling the VPN software solves the problem.

On the other hand, certain VPN programs are either poorly constructed, purposefully intended to be difficult to delete, or even set to save some settings in case you decide to reinstall them later.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. On an iPhone, how do you erase a VPN profile?

    1. From the options, select the Settings app.
    2. Go to Profile, then General.
    3. Locate the appropriate VPN profile (It should display the app’s name somewhere).
    4. At the bottom, press the red “Delete Profile” button.
    5. Finished! Your VPN account has been terminated.

2. Do iPhones come with a built-in VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) is available on the iPhone. The 2. When you download or install Apple’s iPhone software, a Cisco IPSec VPN option appears to fulfill network administrator demands.

3. Why do I need to reset my iPhone’s network settings?

Resetting your network settings will usually fix the problem if you can’t connect to Wi-Fi or have widespread, regular problems with your internet connectivity. This will wipe your device clean of all network-related data.

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