Inked: A Tale Of Love Will Be Released Worldwide On August 27th

Inked: A Tale Of Love Will Be Released Worldwide On August 27th

Pixma announced in the week that Inked: A Tale of Love is about to be released worldwide on consoles and PC on August 27th. Developed by Somnium Games, you play a nameless hero checking out hope during a ballpoint pen-drawn landscape crammed with puzzles as you look for your love, Aiko. This game seems like something we created in history class come to life, which charm is what’s got us stoked to undertake the sport out. You’ll inspect the newest trailer below, showing off what a world like that appears like before you’ll get your hands thereon in a fortnight.

The land seemed peaceful now. Therefore the Nameless Hero put his sword aside. However, his adventures weren’t over – he had to start a dangerous journey when he lost his true love, the gorgeous painter Aiko. Armed only with his wits, courage, and a magical paintbrush, he would soon discover how the pen is often mightier than the sword. Inked may be a hand-drawn puzzle-adventure set during a mythological world of lovely ballpoint landscapes inspired by Japanese folk tales. Because of the Nameless Hero, explore 10 different minimalistic worlds checking out your lost love Aiko, using your magical paintbrush to unravel puzzles during a heartwarming story that will move and shake you to the core.

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Explore 10 different hand-drawn paper worlds filled with beautiful landscapes, fauna and flora, and awe-inspiring architecture which will marvel you at every step. the trail ahead of you is filled with threats and perils that you’re going to need to overcome to urge your beloved back. Use your magical paintbrush to draw geometrical shapes to clear obstacles and solve puzzles. Each puzzle will connect you more with the protagonist and draw you deeper into the planet created by The Artist.

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