PS5 – PlayStation Japan erroneously revealed that Sony has acquired Bluepoint


PlayStation announced the acquisition of Housemarque, the developer and exclusive product for the PS5 console. Returns. A Japanese Twitter account shared an incorrect image and revealed the acquisition of Bluepoint Games.

The tweet text refers to Returnal, Housemarque-it was simply a misinterpretation of the images. The fact that you have a photograph handy indicates that Bluepoint Games’ acquisition is imminent.

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Bluepoint Games, the studio responsible for many updated PlayStations, is a context. Ico & Shadow of the Colossus HD port to PS3, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection. He is now a Housemarque and has made a name for itself exclusively on the PlayStation.

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This could have implications for Bluepoint’s future. This is not known in particular. However, Sony may plan to use the studio to make a Jaguar notebook.

Sly Cooper and Ratchet & Clank’s original trilogy will likely be included in the¬†PS5¬†upgrade. You can also treat some lesser-known gems as Demon’s Souls.

It’s all speculation at this point. The leaked image was taken from an official PlayStation account. It will remain there as the image was taken quickly by an internet detective. The acquisition is now semi-officially confirmed.