How to Watch Facebook Live


There is a good deal of fantastic content to see on Facebook Live. Here is the way way to see Facebook Live movies on both mobile and desktop.

Facebook Live is your social system’s live video stage. It permits you to broadcast live for your loved ones, friends, and followers, together with all the footage streaming in your own News Feed.

The information you may see on Facebook Live is varied. There is a lot of innovative, humorous, and thought-provoking footage values viewing. So, here is the way way to see Facebook Live, both mobile and desktop.

(Caution: Facebook Live is used to flow homicide, sexual assault, and even suicide. And while it is uncommon, we urge monitoring what your kids are seeing.)

Why Is Facebook Live So Popular?

Facebook Live was available for many users because mid-2016, becoming accessible to everybody in January 2017.

The stage has rapidly increased in popularity, and it is not difficult to see why:

  • Typically, live movies like six times greater involvement than ordinary videos.
  • Facebook Live videos have ten times longer opinions than ordinary videos.
  • Users see Facebook Live movies three times provided uploaded videos.

This means that one out of each new Facebook movie is presently a live broadcast, and watch films stand up countless views every day.

Watch Facebook Live via the News Feed

If somebody with whom you have a relationship on Facebook (like a buddy, webpage, group, or even star you are after ) decides to flow on Facebook Live, then their movie will look on your News Feed.

But, it is not the most satisfactory manner of locating content. The method is based on several factors:

  • You will want some Facebook connection with the individual or entity.
  • Facebook’s algorithms need to choose to reveal to you the movie on your feed.
  • You have to be about Facebook at the specific moment the other individual is currently filming.
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How to Watch Facebook Live on Desktop

If you’d like a more effective method of tuning into Facebook Live videos on the desktop computer, you’ve got two choices that are available to you.

1. Use the Navigation Panel

The most frequent method of obtaining Facebook Live movies would be to utilize the navigation panel link on the left side of this Facebook News Feed.

You’ll discover the connection titled Live Video–at the Research section. You might want to click Show More to show it.

Clicking on the link will take you directly to the Live part of Facebook Watch. Scroll the Page down to discover segments for popular live movies, live news, and live gambling.

2. Use the URL

It’s possible to save yourself time and head directly to the Facebook Live webpage from anyplace on the internet by going into the agency’s URL on your browser address bar. The URL is It’ll take you to the identical Page as with the navigation bar procedure described previously.

Regrettably, you may no longer observe that a Facebook Live map. You used to have the ability to discover nearby broadcasts as a result of blue dots on a map from the regional area, but Facebook murdered the attribute from June 2019, mentioning “low use.

How to Watch Facebook Live on Android

If you would like to see Facebook Live in your Android apparatus, it is possible to turn it into a news feed or utilize the link.

To Locate the dedicated connection, start Facebook and follow the instructions below:

  1. Harness the tab (three horizontal lines) from the upper-right corner of this program.
  2. Scroll down and pat Live Videos.
  3. Pick the movie you would like to see.
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How to Watch Facebook Live on iOS

The procedure for seeing Facebook Live movies on iOS is broadly the same as Android.

Follow the following steps to begin:

  1. Open the Facebook program.
  2. Harness the tab at the lower-right corner.
  3. Scroll down and pat Live Videos.
  4. Pick the movie you would like to see.

Other Ways to Find Facebook Live Videos

Suppose you can not find what you’re searching for utilizing the Live Video hyperlinks as explained previously. In that case, you will find a couple of different methods to locate Facebook Live movies to see.

Empower Live Video Notifications

Among the greatest approaches to never missing a live flow from somebody you follow would be to allow live video alarms.

To switch notifications for Facebook Live, click the little arrow at the upper-right corner of the FB home screen, head to Settings > Notifications > Video, and turn the toggle to the On position.

NB: Play the following opposite measures if you would like to turn away Facebook Live notifications.

Use Hashtags

Facebook Live streamers have embraced the #live hashtag to signify when they’re on the air. Not each live streamer utilizes it. However, it is a fantastic method to discover specific videos.

You’re able to seek out the hashtag employing the search bar near the peak of the home screen onto the background computer. You may even append different words; for instance, #live Fortnite will deliver up videos of people playing this match.

Ask People to Share Facebook Live Videos With You

Like all articles on Facebook, there’s an internal Chat button that you may use to split the content with different users.

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If your friends have similar interests, then let them discuss Facebook Live videos along with you if they discover something rewarding.

How to Watch Old Facebook Live Videos

Whenever someone completes recording a Facebook Live video, they could conserve the information and insert it into their posterity profile (although the individual recording may disable the attribute ).

This usually means you could scroll back via an individual’s timeline and locate obsolete Facebook Live videos. After you click on an old movie, all their additional aged broadcasts will automatically load into one playlist that you may then navigate.

Warning: You May Find Adult Content on Facebook Live

Facebook Live sometimes plays host to mature or improper videos, such as porn, violence, and other articles.

Some of it’s unplanned and may be submitted from the “perils of live TV” class. But some of it is intended and can be actively promoted from the deepest corners of the internet.

Facebook’s terms and conditions don’t allow videos of this sort, but it isn’t easy to filter out beforehand since it is life. There is no way for one to block mature videos preemptively.

Fortunately, the content represents a tiny fraction of those 3,000 decades’ worth of movies observed daily, and that means you may need to be quite unfortunate to stumble upon it by accident. Nevertheless, it’s essential to understand there is a danger of locating adult articles on Facebook Live.

If you are searching for all sorts of movies on Facebook, the live selection and look at this guide detailing how to discover videos to Facebook.