How to Screenshot on Iphone 11


Are you updated in the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, or iPhone 8 into your iPhone 11? Welcome into the planet of Face ID along with gesture-based navigation. You’re not likely to overlook the house button in your iPhone 11 unless you try shooting a screenshot.

The shortage of a house button means the procedure for having a screenshot about the iPhone 11 differs from the iPhone 11 from elderly iPhones.

In case you’ve ever employed an iPhone X, then iPhone XS, or perhaps the iPhone XR, however, you’ll be knowledgeable about this procedure.

Considering that the iPhone 11 lacks a house button, Apple uses another hardware button combo onto the apparatus to take screenshots.

Step-by-Step Guide to Take Screenshot on iPhone 11

The measures on choosing a screenshot are relatively simple to remember. All You Have to do would be:

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Step 1: Press the Side button and Volume Up button

Press the Volume Up and the Negative button (formerly called Sleep/Wake button) simultaneously in your iPhone 11. Whenever you go off the buttons, then a screenshot will be obtained.

Step 2: Edit Screenshot

You will notice the camera shutter sound and the screenshot preview, which will appear in the base. Tap it, and you will see the option to annotate and then edit the Screenshot. It’s possible to harvest the Screenshot from here too.

To muffle the screenshot noise, just place your iPhone on dab.

Step 3: Share Screenshot

Tap and hold on to the trailer to immediately jump into the Chat sheet and send the Screenshot into a program of your choice.

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You might even discount the screenshot preview. The Screenshot will be automatically stored in the Screenshot record from the Photos program.

How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 11 Using Assistive Touch

If you want or need to have a screenshot with just one hand, you can certainly do this with Assistive Touch.

Step 1. Enable Assistive Touch

Empower Assistive Touch by going to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Assistive Touch and empowering the Assistive Touch alternative. You will understand a semi-transparent button included in a display. Here is the Assistive Touch option.

Step 2. Customize Top Level Menu

Tap the Customize Top Level Menu.

Then tap the custom made icon (the one with all the celebrity ) and choose Screenshot in the listing. The screenshot button is going to be added to the Assistive Touch Menu.

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You might even tap on some of these default icons to substitute them using a Screenshot button or some other alternative from the listing.

Step 3. Take Screenshot With Assistive Touch

The screenshot alternative added to an Assistive Touch menu we could have a one-handed screenshot anytime by tapping the Assistive Touch button followed by the screenshot button.

How to View Screenshots on iPhone 11

You can discover all of your screenshots from the Screenshots album within the Photos program. This record, such as the Selfies record, is auto-created.

Each Screenshot you choose will probably be added to the record. Simply open the Photos program, tap the Albums tab, and you’ll locate that the Screenshots record in the listing.