How to Restart Chromebook

how to restart google chromebook

You should restart your Chromebook if you’re having issues with your computer because it can keep your system running smoothly.

Sometimes, holding down the facility button to show your Chromebook off then on again will do the trick.

Other times, you’ll get to perform a tough reset or factory reset to repair your Chromebook.

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Restarting your computer is usually necessary to clear up issues and obtain it back to working order.

But on a Chromebook, getting this done isn’t exactly straightforward.

If you hold down the facility button on your Chromebook, you will be ready to either sign out or close up your computer. Sometimes, turning your computer off then on will solve your issues.

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But other times, you would possibly get to reboot your system more thoroughly. Here’s the way to roll in the hay.

How to restart a Chromebook

You can also try a tough reset, which affects the computer’s hardware instead of the software (where your data is stored), and should fix whatever issues you’re facing. Here’s the way to get that done:

  1. close up your Chromebook by pressing one among the facility buttons or clicking into the menu within the bottom-right corner and selecting the facility icon.
  2. Press and hold down the “refresh” button (found just above the three and four keys) and tap the facility button.
  3. Release the refresh button once you see your Chromebook starting copy.
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Keep in mind that there could also be different requirements to perform a tough reset on your computer, counting on the sort of Chromebook you’ve got, though the above steps should work for many Chromebooks.

If that also doesn’t fix your problem, you’ll reset your Chromebook to its factory settings, which can make it run like new again. Just confirm to copy your computer before doing so.