How to Play Mozilla Firefox’s Hidden Unicorn Pong Game

How to Play Mozilla Firefox’s Hidden Unicorn Pong Game

Here we can see, “How to Play Mozilla Firefox’s Hidden Unicorn Pong Game”

These days, it appears like every browser has a hidden game. There’s a dinosaur game in Chrome, surfing in Edge, and unicorn pong in Firefox? That’s right. You read that correctly—how here’s to play it.

  • To begin, launch Firefox. Click “Customize” from the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) in the upper right corner.
  • You’ll find a list of interface elements to customize the toolbar on the “Customize Firefox” tab.
  • All toolbar items except “Flexible Space” should be dragged into the “Overflow Menu” right.
  • The Unicorn button appears at the bottom of the window; click it.
  • On the left side of the tab, a Pong-like game with a small unicorn icon will emerge. The “Flexible Space” box serves as the Pong paddle, while the unicorn emblem serves as the ball in this rendition of the game.
  • To play, position your paddle using the arrow keys on your keyboard so that the unicorn does not pass it. “Avoid missing unicorn for high score,” said Atari Pong’s famous instructions (or something like that).
  • Double-click the Unicorn button if you lose and wish to play again.
  • When you’re finished playing, click “Restore Defaults” to swiftly clear the “Overflow Menu.” Close the “Customize Firefox” tab by clicking “Done.”
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You can now brag to your buddies that you’ve played Unicorn Pong. Send them a link to this article if they don’t believe you.


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User Questions:

  1. How do I play games on Firefox?
  • Launch the Firefox Lite application
  • Select the. Icon.
  • To see all of the games available, scroll down the screen.
  • Select the game you wish to play by tapping on it. When you’ve finished playing the game, return to the Firefox Lite app by using the back key on your device.
  1. What is the purpose of the game FireFox?

Firefox is a shoot them up arcade game released in 1984 based on the Clint Eastwood film of the same name. It was Atari, Inc.’s first LaserDisc video game, released in 1984. The majority of the footage was recorded from the perspective of a helicopter flying over Greenland and Scandinavia.

  1. Does Firefox allow you to download games?

It’s essential for online gaming. In reality, WebAssembly runs the most complicated web-based games, and it’s the best approach to port a desktop game to the web. The current version of Firefox can simultaneously download and build (run) WebAssembly, making it super-fast.

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  1. The version of Firefox that I want

The firefox that I want from firefox

  1. TIL There is “about:robots” easter egg in Mozilla Firefox.

TIL There is "about:robots" easter egg in Mozilla Firefox. from firefox