How to: Open RTF Files on a Windows 10 Pc

How to: Open RTF Files on a Windows 10 Pc

Here we can see, “How to: Open RTF Files on a Windows 10 Pc”

  • This tutorial will show you how to open an RTF (Rich Text Format) file.
  • It’s crucial to open RTF files since they contain text that saves document formatting like bold, italic, and pictures.
  • Converting RTF files with Adobe’s excellent solution is the best method to deal with them.
  • RTF files can also be opened in a browser or with a Google cloud application.

Let’s start by defining what an RTF file is. Rich Text Format, or RTF, is a text file format that saves document formatting like bold, italic, and pictures.

As a result, saving a text document with bold formatting as RTF rather than TXT is preferable.

Microsoft first introduced RTF in the 1980s; however, it is no longer updated by the firm. As a result, RTF may be considered an out-of-date file format.

Nonetheless, RTF files are supported by many Windows word processors and text editors.

Rich text documents can be opened using MS Word, Corel WordPerfect, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Notepad++, and AbiWord.

To edit an RTF file in the most compatible software, go to File and select Open.

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What is the best way to open RTF files on Windows 10?

1. Use Adobe Reader DC to convert RTF files to PDF on your PC

Using Adobe Reader DC to convert an RTF file to PDF is the simplest and most secure way to open an RTF file on your PC. Your file will be safe and easy to share this way.

Using the many features of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC reduces the number of apps you need to install on your computer, making it faster and more stable.

You can also convert files to and from PDF and share them with ease.

Here’s a quick rundown of all the various capabilities available in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC:

  • Open a wide range of files
  • Make a PDF document
  • Convert a PDF to a Microsoft Word or Excel document.
  • Put passwords in your documents.
  • Make use of digital signatures.

2. RTF Documents Can Be Opened Google Drive is a cloud-based storage service

  1. To access your cloud storage, go to the Google Drive button on the GD homepage.
  2. Select Upload files from the menu after clicking on My Drive.
  3. To save the RTF file to Google Drive, choose it and click the OK button.
  4. When your selected document has been added to Google Drive, right-click the RTF file’s icon on the GD page and select Open with.
  5. Then, as shown in the screenshot below, you can choose to access it in Google Docs.
  6. It’s worth noting that opening an RTF in Google Docs creates a second duplicate of the document in Google Drive, this time in the GDOC file type, which is the updated version.
  7. When you’ve completed editing in Google Docs, click File, pick Download as, and then choose Rich Text Format to convert the file back to RTF.

A rich text file can also be opened in Chrome or other browsers that support Google’s web applications.

Google Drive (GD) is a cloud storage service that allows you to save and edit documents using Docs and Slides.

Google Drive also offers 15 GB of free storage without requiring a subscription. If necessary, create a Google+ account and then open an RTF file in GD, as shown above.

3. Use Google Chrome to open online RTF documents

  1. To add the Docs Onlive Viewer extension to Google Chrome, go to the Google webstore.
  2. By searching for RTF document file samples in Google, you can open RTF documents in Chrome.
  3. The top of Google’s search page will then display three RTF documents.
  4. To access the document in Chrome, click the View this RTF file button next to one of those links.

As a result, RTF documents can be created without using any additional software. To modify the RTF documents, open them in Google Drive. Alternatively, use Docs Online Viewer to open the linked Rich Text Format documents in browser tabs.

Docs Online Viewer may also open linked RTF files on website pages or search engines in Chrome.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions:

1. On a PC, how can I open an RTF file?

Because WordPad comes pre-installed on Windows, it’s the simplest way to access an RTF file. If you’re using a Mac, you can use Apple TextEdit or Apple Pages. You should only need to double-click the file to get one of those apps to open it.

2. What programme can you use to open an RTF file?

To open your RTF text file and view the formatted text contents, click any text editor app from the app list. On a Mac, you can use TextEdit, while on Windows, you can use WordPad. A word processor such as Microsoft Word or Apache OpenOffice can also be used.

3. Is RTF a Windows usable format?

In 1987, Microsoft released the RTF format, which stands for rich text format. The rtf file was created with the goal of making cross-platform document interchanging a reality. The majority of word processing applications in use today can read this format without difficulty.

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