How to Measure Distance in Google Map


Attempting to find out the “as the crow flies” distance between two points with Google Maps is easy for those who know where to look. With a couple of clicks on your personal pc or pops onto your telephone, Google Maps enables you to designate a few things and will figure out space for you.

How to measure distance on Google Maps using your computer

  1. To measure distance with your pc:
  2. Use a browser to visit Google Maps.
  3. Click the beginning point of the dimension and select “Step Distance.”
  4. Click the area that you would like to assess the distance to choose”Distance to Here.” A hashed line may appear, showing you the specific distance between both points.
  5. It’s possible to continue to directly click to include as many factors for your course as you would like. Accidentally placed things could be hauled for repositioning or eliminated by simply clicking them.
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How to measure distance on Google Maps using your phone

To measure distance with the Google Maps App on your telephone:

  1. Open the Google Maps app (pre-installed on Android telephones and available at No Cost in the App Store to get iPhones)
  2. Twist and hold the area on the map in which you would like to begin your dimension. A reddish pin will appear.
  3. At the base of the display, you will realize the title of the beginning location.
  4. Swipe on the card reveals the title of the starting location and scroll to choose “Step Distance.”
  5. Proceed to the map so the black ring (or even crosshairs) is about the area that you would like to measure space too. At the base of the display, you will understand the specific distance between both points.
  6. It is possible to continue to add factors by choosing “Insert point” and transferring the map to another site. If you make a mistake, then it is possible to clear the previous point by choosing the reverse arrow on the very top. Every time you’ve got a stage, you are going to observe that the entire distance.
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