How to Install Cortana in Windows 11

How to Install Cortana in Windows 11

Here we can see, “How to Install Cortana in Windows 11”

What is Cortana?

Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant (or virtual assistant) developed by Microsoft, released in 2014. Cortana was designed to run on Windows OS and was initially a part of Windows PCs and smartphones. Microsoft first introduced the assistant as a female, named after a computer game character. In Halo, the fictional AI character Cortana provides players with the backstory and tactical information needed to play. Jen Taylor, the voice actress of Halo’s Cortana character, is also the digital assistant’s voice. Microsoft also offers a masculine voice that users can choose.


In mid-2020, Microsoft significantly scaled down Cortana’s features. Originally, Cortana appeared to be a transparent competitor for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri. But now, Cortana will mainly serve professionals in their work tasks. It already had some weaknesses compared to its top competitors. Still, Microsoft removed most of its consumer-facing features (like playing music or other things that users typically do for entertainment or at home).

Microsoft has integrated Cortana into its Teams application, which features both messaging and video conferencing. Cortana also provides more security than its counterparts because Microsoft outfits it similarly to its other business applications. Though the assistant’s features are more limited, it’s the chance to carve out a replacement space in intelligent technology because it does what the opposite three aren’t yet primed to try to do.

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Past features

  • Cortana’s Notebook stored helpful data like contact information. Users had control over the knowledge the Notebook kept, having the ability to feature or delete data they thought was important or unnecessary
  • Older versions of Cortana predicted sporting events, sometimes with accuracy.
  • Cortana could play music from up to 3 streaming services.
  • Cortana could play a television program or movie from a connected streaming service.

Current features

Currently Cortana:

  • Connects to other Microsoft applications, like Outlook and Microsoft Office 365
  • Schedules meetings for colleagues if copied as a receiver within the email list. Cortana locates open availability for all listed users supported by their calendars.
  • Integrates with Google Calendar for added scheduling flexibility
  • Reads emails aloud while users are on the go and allow users to send and answer emails
  • Tracks airline flights
  • Opens apps by voice command
  • Works with Teams, allowing users to hitch meetings, request information, send documents to coworkers, or send messages with vocal commands

For both past and present versions of Cortana, users have noticed limited voice recognition. Some commands require a particular wording and can refuse to finish an inquiry otherwise. Pulling up a television program through a streaming service, when Cortana offered that feature, required users to mention a particular phrase and wasn’t an intuitive process.

Many users of Windows 11 install the OS, believing it does not include Cortana. This is often almost right. Cortana is included but isn’t activated by default. Here’s the way to “install” Cortana in Windows 11 and the way it’s changed in Microsoft’s new OS.

How to Install Cortana in Windows 11

As mentioned, Cortana is installed in Windows 11 but not active by default. You want to launch and check in to the Cortana app before you’ll use it.

  1. Perform a Windows look for Cortana.
    • Alternatively, you’ll launch Windows Start, tap All Apps, then open Cortana.
  2. The Cortana app will open and display a sign-in prompt. Select check-in.
  3. A screen will appear to warn you Cortana needs access to non-public information to function. Select Accept and Continue.
  4. The Cortana app will launch. You’ll now activate Cortana using the “Hey Cortana” phrase or enter text into the Cortana app.

Does Windows 11 Have Cortana?

Windows 11 does include Cortana. However, Microsoft has changed how Cortana works.

Cortana is not any longer a neighborhood of the default installation or boot experience. You’ll not hear Cortana introduce itself once you begin to put in Windows, and you will not see Cortana on the Windows taskbar after you put in the OS. You want to check in to the Cortana app before you’ll use Cortana by speaking the ‘Hey Cortana’ activation phrase.

After you check-in, Cortana will respond by appearing during a small pop-up window will appear just above the middle of the Windows taskbar. It will also open other apps, just like the Microsoft Edge browser or Microsoft Office apps, if necessary.

However, Cortana not integrates with the Windows Search experience even after you check in to the Cortana app. Cortana won’t answer anything you type into Windows Search. You, instead, must launch the Cortana app and sort your query into the app’s chat window.

How Do I Uninstall and Reinstall Cortana?

Windows 11 doesn’t allow you to uninstall Cortana, which suggests you cannot reinstall Cortana, either. The uninstall option is blocked in Windows 11’s settings menu.

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Why Does My Windows 11 Not Have Cortana?

Windows 11 does include Cortana, but you want to launch and check in to the app before you’ll use it. Follow the steps at the start of this guide.

Can’t find it? While Cortana should be included by default, the app can, in theory, go missing thanks to a bug or a configuration decision made by a PC manufacturer.

If this happens, launch the Microsoft Store from the Windows Taskbar and look for Cortana. Tap Cortana within the results menu (it should be listed first) and choose Install. Windows 11 will download and install the Cortana app.

Once installed, you’ll check in to Cortana with the steps at the start of this guide.

User Questions:

1.Does Windows 11 have Cortana?

Windows 11 will no longer include Cortana in the first boot experience or pin the Cortana icon to the taskbar. However, it will still be available as a separate Windows app, with the same functionality as the Windows 10 Cortana app.

2.How do I remove Cortana from Windows 10?

Windows 10 Home Edition users can disable Cortana permanently with the Registry Editor tool. Navigate to the command prompt, type regedit, and press Enter. Go to HKEY_Local_Machine > SOFTWARE > Policies > Microsoft > Windows, and then right-click the Windows directory and select New > Key. Enter Windows Search as the folder name, then right-click and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value. Enter Allow Cortana as the filename, then double-click Allow Cortana, set the value to 0, and select OK. Restart your computer, and Cortana should be gone.

3.How do I activate Cortana?

On an Android device, press down on any empty area of your Home screen to bring up the menu for Wallpapers, Widgets, and Themes. Tap the Widgets icon. Tap the widget for Cortana. Press down on the type of Cortana widget you want (Reminder, Quick Action, or Mic) and drag it to a spot on your screen.

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4.What basic features you want/need back in Windows 11?

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