2018-11 update for windows 10 version 1803 for x64-based systems (kb4023057) – error 0x80070643

2018-11 update for windows 10 version 1803 for x64-based systems (kb4023057) - error 0x80070643

Here we can see “2018-11 update for windows 10 version 1803 for x64-based systems (kb4023057) – error 0x80070643

Windows 10 KB4023057 re-released, fails to install with error 0x80070643

It looks like Windows 10 KB4023057 has been re-released, and therefore, the update appears to be causing unexpected issues on some machines. We’ve encountered some isolated reports from Twitter and Reddit, which revealed that Windows 10 KB4023057 installation fails.

A thread on Reddit claims that the system downloaded the update, but the installation of KB4023057 failed with error 0x80070643.

According to the support document, Windows 10 KB4023057 should show abreast of devices with April 2018 Update or older, and it’s alleged to improve the reliability of Windows Update. In some cases, the update may make changes to big system settings and configurations. For instance, it’s going to reset the network, pack up space to deal with all update problems.

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The update was originally released in December 2018, and it’s been re-released today. Windows Update is trying to update devices where the update is already installed, which leads to installation errors.

“Windows Update just tried (and failed) to put in a “KB4023057″ update just. I’m wondering, what on earth does it do? I can’t seem to seek out a post on the official Microsoft website about it, and any news articles I find of it (from MONTHS ago) mention it messing with files within the user directory and network settings,” the Redditor explained.

Similarly, there’s a thread on the Microsoft Answers forum that also documents the matter.

Some users have also documented the matter on Twitter. for instance, David Gardiner says that the update did not install with the subsequent error:

  • 2018-11 Update for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057) -Error 0x80070643.

Similarly, another Twitter handle acknowledged that there’s something wrong with this update.

Windows 10 KB4023057 installations fails with error 0x80070643

As noted above, Windows is trying to put in the update again on devices where it already exists. In our testing, we found that uninstalling the update package temporarily addresses the matter.

It’s worth noting that this update won’t show up in Windows Update history; instead, it shows up in Apps & Features setting page.

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How to fix Windows 10 KB4023057 error 0x80070643

To address the error 0x80070643 caused by KB4023057, you would like to uninstall and reinstall that specific update. We’ve outlined the steps below that might show you ways to uninstall that update to urge your system back to the traditional condition.

  • As shown within the screenshot below, open the Settings app, navigate to Apps & Features page and find the package.
  • Tap on the listed packages and click on ‘Uninstall’ to get rid of them from the system.
  • Reboot the PC.
  • Open Settings > Windows Update and check for updates again.
  • If the update shows up again, install it, and it shouldn’t throw any errors. If the update is already listed on the screen, click on the retry button, and it’ll install with no errors.

Uninstall update via Control Panel

Microsoft hasn’t moved everything to the Settings app, and a few packages just like the above one are still accessible via the instrument panel. Just in case the above method fails, you’ll navigate to the Programs and Features page within the center to get rid of the update and reinstall it via Windows Update.

The update fiasco

For some odd reasons, the system is trying to put in an older version of the update. The users are experiencing the error mentioned above, thanks to the fact that the package is already installed on their machines.

It’s also important to know you won’t experience this glitch if your PC is on the October 2018 Update. Earlier today, Microsoft revealed that more devices are now allowed to put in the Windows 10 version 1809 (October 2018 Update) as all known issues are addressed.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the reports of failed installation yet, but the difficulty isn’t widespread, and only a few machines are experiencing it.

User Questions:

  1. 2018-11 Update for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057) – Error 0x80070643

2018-11 Update for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057) – Error 0x80070643 – This just showed up today. (1/16/2019) I even have tried four times, and every time, it won’t install. 

However, once I checked out the update history, I see the following:

2018-12 Update for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057) – Successfully installed on 1/12/2019

So why is Windows Update trying to put in an older version of an equivalent file? And if it shouldn’t be doing this, how do I make it stop trying?

  1. 2019-06 Update for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057) – Error 0x80070643

I just met this problem 2 days ago, I’ve tried many repeatedly, and it stops at 90% whenever. 

I’ve tried the following link:


Already uninstall KB4023057 from Settings app > Apps > Apps & features and reboot the machine, still not work. The install stops at 90% whenever. ( tried both manual installation and Windows Update feature )

And it appears wifi disconnect& blue screen and said ‘BUGCODE_NDIS_DRIVER’, Idk if the update had caused it.

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  1. FIX for: KB4023057 Update Fails – Error 0x80070643 (Windows 10 v1803)

Issue: KB4023057 Windows Update fails to put in repeatedly. The update continues to be offered, and installation continues to fail. Error in Windows Update: “2018-11 Update for Windows 10 Version 1803 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057) – Error 0x80070643” A related event is found within the Event Viewer under Administrative Events numerous times: “A later version of Update for Windows 10 for x64-based Systems (KB4023057) is already installed. Setup will now exit.”

  1. 2018-11 Update for Windows 10 version 1803 (KB4023057) – Error 0x80070643

I have three Windows 10 computers installing updates before being configured for end-users. All three computers reached the 2018-11 Update for Windows 10 version 1803 (KB4023057) and failed to install with the error 0x80070643.

I tried rebooting, changing the active hours, emptying the Download folder inside C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution, running the Windows Update troubleshooter inside the settings app after each step, and even tried doing so a system restore on one among them. With no progress

Any ideas?