How to Hide Ip Address When Sending Emails

How to Hide Ip Address When Sending Emails

Here we can see, “How to Hide Ip Address When Sending Emails”

  • When sending emails, it’s a good idea to hide your IP address to protect your online privacy in case someone tries to find out where you actually are or remotely attacks your network.
  • Whether you like to send emails through a web browser or an email program, learn 5 reliable tricks to disguise your IP quickly. Using a VPN is, without a doubt the safest option.

If you’re a user who is concerned about privacy, stay informed and learn everything there is to know about IP addresses.

Users that care about their privacy are constantly looking for ways to make their online activities safer.

And when sending emails, they also conceal their IP address.

Yes, we’ll discuss about using anonymous email services to secure your online identity. What you must do is as follows.

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How do I hide my IP address when sending emails?

1. Use a VPN

A trusted VPN is the only surefire way to hide your IP address when sending emails or to conduct other online activities.

Because a VPN encrypts your network traffic, your data will stay private even if hackers intercept it.

2. Use Tor

Using Tor is another option to send emails while hiding your IP address.

A VPN connects you to a single server, whereas Tor bounces your data flow around numerous servers before it reaches its destination. This is the main distinction between the two services.

Downloading and using Tor Browser is the only way to sign up for the anonymous Tor network.

3. Use a proxy server

Many people confuse proxy servers with VPN. But because a VPN uses higher degrees of encryption than a proxy, it is unquestionably more secure.

Still, it’s a good idea to utilize a proxy tool to mask your IP address when sending emails if you’re not yet prepared to commit to a paid VPN solution.

Additionally, you may quickly reroute all of your browser traffic by adding proxy settings to any web browser.

Be aware that performance problems, such as slowdowns, could occur.

4. Use Psiphon

When sending emails, Psiphon is an excellent tool for Internet espionage that you may use to conceal your IP address.

It isn’t all that dissimilar from a VPN. To connect to a server, create your email, and send it, download Psiphon for Windows PC, Android, or iOS.

Psiphon can’t encrypt data; therefore you can’t rely on it to safeguard your private information from hacker decryption, unlike a VPN.

5. Use public Wi-Fi or switch to mobile data

Simply switching your Wi-Fi network is another way to hide your IP address.

For instance, if you’re going out, hold off on sending emails until you can connect to a free hotspot.

Alternately, if you have the option to convert to a 3G or 4G mobile data plan, do so because your device will receive a new IP address from the mobile carrier.

However, without the security measures offered by a high-quality VPN service, we cannot suggest that you connect to public, unencrypted Wi-Fi. Those are cybercriminals’ honeypots.

You won’t need to change networks because if you connect to a VPN, you already have a new IP address.

In summary, using a VPN service, Tor, a proxy program, Psiphon, a public Wi-Fi hotspot, or a mobile data plan will allow you to conceal your IP address effortlessly when sending emails.

A VPN, without question, would be the safest option if we had to choose.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Can your IP address be concealed when sending an email?

When sending an email, you can use a VPN or TOR to conceal your originating IP address so that the proxy server’s IP address is displayed rather than your actual home IP address. When sending emails, this prevents the public from learning your IP.

2. Emails show IP addresses, right?

The IP address of the machine used to send the email may occasionally appear in the outgoing message when you send it to someone. The IP address is part of the message header and if available, it can be used by the recipient to determine the sender’s general location.

3. Your IP address is hidden by incognito, right?

In essence, Incognito mode keeps other users of your device from seeing what you are browsing. However, using Incognito mode won’t keep your information secret from websites, advertisers, your internet service provider (ISP), or significant tech firms. Google and other companies can still follow you when you are incognito. Your IP address is not hidden by incognito.

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