Halo Infinite Grenade Bug Spawns Endless Wet Floor Signs

Halo Infinite Grenade Bug Spawns Endless Wet Floor Signs

A bug was discovered during Halo Infinite’s most up-to-date technical preview that causes endless wet floor signs to spawn when a dynamo grenade hits one.

A recently discovered bug in Halo Infinite causes endless wet floor signs to spawn when a dynamo grenade is thrown at one. Subsequent instalment within the Halo series is about to launch on Immaculate Conception of this year, following a notoriously large delay in 2020. A Halo Infinite multiplayer technical preview is ongoing, running from September 23 to 26 and September 30 to October 3, allowing fans to experience the systems that the developers have spent goodbye refining.

This is not the primary tech preview developer 343 Industries has provided for its player base because it attempts to iron out some lingering bugs before the title’s official release in about two and a half months. An earlier preview caught a glitch that prompted Halo Infinite bots to inappropriately taunt defeated enemies, similar to real-life players’ well-liked celebration. The present multiplayer demo has also revealed another existing bug, which emphasizes that the ground is indeed wet to certain players.

Kotaku reported a glitch that spawns a ridiculous amount of wet floor signs after being hit by a dynamo grenade. Some users who have discovered the glitch cash in of it by continuously throwing as many dynamo grenades at the ever-growing pile as they possibly can, which may make it appear to be an infinite amount, are spawning. The glitch only lasts as long because of the grenade’s effect; however, as YouTuber Hotel acknowledged, the signs de-spawn a couple of seconds after coming into being.

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Grenades especially seem to be the main target of some player concerns during the multiplayer technical preview go-around. One player noted that the kickback on Halo Infinite grenades felt off compared to other instalments throughout the franchise. However, this particular concern could easily be remedied by adjusting grenade settings within the game’s menu.

As for the wet floor sign glitch, it doesn’t seem to be something that breaks the sport in any significant way, and it’s quite amusing to witness. This might be something that 343 Industries lets slide or a minimum of keeps within the game through some capacity due to how whimsical it’s. If it’s later discovered that it somehow negatively impacts the general experience, just like the Halo Infinite infinite melee exploits, it should be far away from the sport. Until then, 343 might want to permit players to form rain yellow wet floor signs.

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Halo Infinite launches on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on Immaculate Conception, 2021.

Source: KotakuHotel/YouTube