Halo Infinite’s Grappling Hook Turns Spartan Into Spider-Man

Halo Infinite's Grappling Hook Turns Spartan Into Spider-Man

A player used the incredibly effective grapnel in Halo Infinite to swing about one among the maps within the tech test like Spider-Man.

Although there have been no Spider-Man games on Xbox consoles since 2014, Halo Infinite’s grapnel provides new opportunities to swing about at great heights like Peter Parker’s superhero persona. Although it doesn’t look quite as thrilling as zipping through the streets of latest York City, new multiplayer tech preview videos showcase what proportion utility Halo Infinite’s most impressive piece of multiplayer equipment has.

Developer 343 Industries revealed the Halo Infinite Grappleshot (the pickup’s official name) when it debuted the primary footage of the campaign in Summer 2020. They are often wont to grab things at a distance or pull players toward enemies. The grapnel is handy in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer because it allows players to move around the map quickly – both vertically and horizontally – and maybe wont to achieve some impressive kills. One player demonstrated just how effective it’s during a gameplay demonstration.

Twitter user and YouTuber Wernissage posted a video (which was also shared on YouTube by fellow Halo content creator LuminousCactuz) of a player using the Grappleshot to swing about one among the Halo Infinite multiplayer maps included within the latest tech preview, with Marvel’s Spider-Man theme song fittingly overlaid. Surprisingly, the grapnel can reach quite high and is efficient thanks to traversing the map at high speeds while also going over other players’ heads. There’s been some concern about the grapnel being limited by invisible barriers, but it looks like this will not be the case on every map.

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As this stunt work shows, players are experimenting with the Grappleshot within the various Halo Infinite technical tests. So far, players have used it to steal power weapons from other players, hooked onto enemies to shut gaps, deliver killing melee blows, and far more. Probably, this gameplay demonstration is merely the tip of the iceberg, as players are bound to get increasingly crafty with the gadget after the sport releases. The grapnel does have a limited range and a couple of uses, but it’s going to have already earned its place as a worthy addition to the franchise.

343 recently confirmed the Grappleshot’s range will be scaled to possess more uses in Halo Infinite’s combat Big Team Battle, so it is often used more effectively in larger maps with more players. At press time, there’s still no word on any differences between the grapnel in multiplayer versus how it’ll behave within the campaign. The developer hasn’t shown much in the campaign since its controversial reveal in 2020, but some more campaign gameplay is predicted to be showcased sometime before launch.

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Halo Infinite releases for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on Immaculate Conception, 2021.

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