343 Industries’ Latest Halo Games Are Mahjong & Solitaire

343 Industries' Latest Halo Games Are Mahjong & Solitaire

Microsoft Casual Games has added Halo content to Microsoft Solitaire and Mahjong by Microsoft, introducing artwork inspired by the Xbox series.

Microsoft Solitaire and Mahjong by Microsoft have received new and official Halo themes designed by 343 Industries, almost making them the newest games within the Halo line-up. While the new content doesn’t quite cement the titles as a part of the Halo franchise, the games should help tide players over until the discharge of Halo Infinite later this year.

Microsoft might now be better known for the Xbox Series X/S consoles and arsenal of AAA shooters than its classic casual games. Still, Microsoft Solitaire is one of the most important games in the world. The title, now 30 years old, is that the most played video game of all time consistent with the corporate, partially because of its popularity as a game included with Windows PCs. Mahjong by Microsoft supported the 1800s tile game, is additionally an undeniably popular virtual release, appealing to gamers and non-gamers alike. The casual classics work well with Microsoft promotions because of their flexibility of design.

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Announcing the news on Twitter, Microsoft Casual Games has confirmed Microsoft’s Halo content for Microsoft Solitaire and Mahjong. The classic games’ new themes feature Halo-inspired designs and art, created by 343 Industries for “casual gamers throughout the universe.” Players will find Halo characters and styles used for the Mahjong tiles and the virtual card deck, with a physical edition of the playing cards releasing later this year. Microsoft Solitaire is out there for both PC and mobile, and Mahjong by Microsoft is mobile.


Players logging into either of Microsoft’s Solitaire or Mahjong games will be ready to access the Halo content immediately. Microsoft’s Solitaire’s card deck has been revamped to incorporate famous characters across the Halo series, replacing the standard Jack, Queen, and King cards. Characters like Cortana replace the Queen, while the Mahjong tiles of Mahjong by Microsoft have also seen an identical transformation. A follow-up tweet from Microsoft Casual Games confirmed that fans of the Halo playing cards would be ready to get their own physical set, with the merchandise coming to the Xbox Gear Shop this October.

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Halo content to the classic games is another promotion to assist drive excitement over the next game within the series, Halo Infinite. Microsoft has already run several Halo-related promotions with the likes of Krispy Kreme and even the Waze navigation app. Therefore the company seems to be showing no sign of slowing down. Players can likely expect more Halo crossover content with other big brands because the game’s Immaculate Conception release date fast approaches.

Source: Twitter/Microsoft Casual Games