Google Voice Will Now Show the Reason for Missed and Dropped Calls

Google Voice Will Now Show the Reason for Missed and Dropped Calls

You can now also delete multiple SMS messages directly.

Google Voice is getting some useful new features as a neighborhood of its latest update. Google aims to enhance the calling and usefulness experience of Google Voice with the newest set of enhancements, including supported user feedback.

Google Voice can now show why you missed a particular call, i.e., why did your device not ring for a call, call drop reasons, and therefore the ability to delete multiple SMS messages directly.

Know the Reason for That Missed or Dropped Call

You can now check why you missed a call from the Missed Call details section in Google Voice. The app will display why your device didn’t ring, be it because your device was on don’t Disturb mode or whether it had been set to not receive incoming calls. You’ll then tap on the reasoning to repair the difficulty.

Google Voice also will display the rationale when your call fails to attach, thanks to poor network connectivity or other network issues. Aside from Redial, choosing to make the decision using your phone’s mobile network will also be shown.

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A simple but useful addition to Google Voice with this update is to delete multiple SMS messages directly. You’ll tap on the avatar of the SMS threads you would like to delete, then tap the trash icon to delete all of them directly. This feature also will be available for Google Voice online.

Caller ID Now Available for Google Voice iPhone Users

The caller ID feature is additionally making its thanks to iPhone owners using Google Voice. This suggests iPhone users will now be ready to see their number as caller ID for any forwarded calls made to their Google Voice number rather than the caller’s number. The feature is disabled by default, and if you own an iPhone, you would like to manually enable it from Google Voice settings.

Google notes in its announcement on the Workspace Updates blog that caller ID, Call Drop Reason. Therefore, the ability to delete multiple SMS messages is already available for all Google Voice users. Only the Missed Call Reason feature remains being unrolled.

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Google sparingly updates Google Voice with new features, though it did give the service a redesign in 2020 and added dark mode support alongside it. Earlier this year, Google revoked the power to automatically forward Google Voice messages to your carrier’s telephone number as mobile operators blocked such messages.