Google’s Redesigned Universal Emojis Are Coming to Android, Gmail, and Chrome OS

Google's Redesigned Universal Emojis Are Coming to Android, Gmail, and Chrome OS

Gmail is coming this month, and Android 12 later in the year.

Google announced that it would be reworking nearly 1,000 emojis ahead of World Emoji Day. This is to make them more universal, accessible, and authentic. These new emojis are available in all Google products and services, including Android, Gmail, and Chat.

Google also updated the emojis to be more inclusive. Some of them will switch to a new design if you enable dark mode.

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Google Emojis Redesigned Are More Inclusionary and Easier To Understand

The company announced on The Keyword that its newly designed emojis were globally relevant in its announcement. This is illustrated by the Pie Emoji, which was very similar to an American pumpkin pie. The Pie Emoji is now universally recognized and can be used by everyone around the world.

Google has also redesigned the face mask emoticon, which has gained popularity over the past year. In addition, Google has increased the size of the transport emojis to make them easier to understand and more visible in the limited space they take up.

The new emojis are flatter in design. Some get subtle tweaks, while others, such as buildings, clothing, and food, have been completely redesigned.

Google has only updated 992 of the existing Emojis. This update does not contain any new Emojis. Google will likely add new Emojis for Android and its other products after Emoji 14.0 is available.

You can also get the latest Emojis on your Android device in other ways.

Emojipedia provides a comprehensive overview of all the changes to emojis that Google has made as part of its redesign.

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Google Emoji Coming Soon to Gmail & Android

From this month, the redesigned Emojis will be available in Gmail and Google Chat. In addition, these emojis will be available in Chromebooks with an improved emoji selector with Chrome OS 92’s release, scheduled for the end of July. Finally, by the end of 2013, the new Emojis will be accessible on YouTube and live chat.

The new emojis for Android will be available with the launch of Android 12 later in the year. Google will also ensure that all Android apps can access the new emojis as long as they use Appcompat. Thus, Appcompat apps will receive the latest Google Emojis as soon as they become available without waiting for an OS or app upgrade.