Google Assistant Is Coming to a LEGOLAND Near You

Google Assistant Is Coming to a LEGOLAND Near You

Select LEGOLAND hotels are becoming Google Home Hubs in their rooms, with additional functionality to suit the hospitality industry.

Google Assistant may be a great thanks to assisting you in organizing your home life, but what if it came with you once you traveled? For example, if you check a hotel within the near future, do not be too surprised if you discover that your room comes equipped with its own Google Nest able to assist you.

Google Assistant, Now in Your Hotel

Google announced its plans during a handout stating that the corporate has partnered up with the hospitality industry to form hotel rooms a touch smarter. Hotels around the U.S. and, therefore, the U.K. now have a Google Nest in each room to assist guests in settling into their home from home.

As Google puts it:

Our hotel solutions system is already available in thousands of hotel rooms within the U.S. and U.K. In addition, it is now available altogether guest rooms at both LEGOLAND® Hotel and LEGOLAND® Castle Hotel at LEGOLAND® California Resort, and therefore the new LEGOLAND® Hotel at LEGOLAND® ny Resort.

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If you encounter one of Google’s smart screens in your travels, you’ll notice that it’ll have some additional enhancements to suit its hotel setting. as an example, you’ll ask it “Hey Google, call the front desk” or “Hey Google, bring me fresh towels” for a few room services. And when it is time to see out, you’ll inform the Google Nest Hub, and it will let the front desk know.

If you’re stuck on where to travel next, you’ll ask Google where the simplest nearby restaurants are. If you’re staying over at one of the supported LEGOLAND hotels, you’ll ask LEGO characters, set a LEGO-themed alarm, and ask about park rides and weather through the Nest.

And if you’re worried about having a Hub in your bedroom, Google has made sure that it complies with any privacy concerns you’ll have. as an example, you do not get to check in to the Hub to use it. This is because it doesn’t have a camera thereon, and therefore the microphone are often deafened with a physical switch.

Google Assistant, the Personalized Hotel Wake-Up Call

The next time you check a hotel within the U.S. and therefore the U.K., there is a chance that you’re going to find a Google Nest Hub sitting in your room. If you do, make certain to offer it a test spin and see if it’s better than calling the front desk all the time.

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If you own a Nest Hub, did you recognize that you can now ask it to book a reservation at a restaurant for you?