You Can Now Get 3 Months of Stadia Pro for Free

You Can Now Get 3 Months of Stadia Pro for Free

But as long as you subscribe to YouTube Premium first.

Google Stadia did not have the simplest launches, but the web giant is keen to encourage people to attempt its cloud gaming service. So you’ll now get three months of Google Stadia for free of charge … that is if you are a YouTube Premium subscriber.

A Free Shot at Google Stadia

Google announced this new bonus on the Stadia Community website among its “This Week on Stadia” posts. The post covers a couple of interesting topics, like a “First on Stadia” release called Young Souls and an opportunity to play The Elder Scrolls Online for free of charge for around a fortnight.

However, tucked away at the rock bottom of the post is that this golden nugget:

Our friends over at YouTube are generous folks, and they’re offering 3 months of Stadia Pro to YouTube Premium subscribers. The offer’s available to new Stadia users and can automatically apply to eligible accounts once they check-in for Stadia.

Unfortunately, this does mean the people that can redeem this bonus are pretty slim. Not only does one got to subscribe or be subscribed to YouTube Premium, but you furthermore may get not have an existing Stadia account for the free months to figure.

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Not only that, but you would like to be in one of the 13 countries that support the plan. The countries are Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, uk, and therefore us.

If you tick all the boxes and you would like to urge in on this deal, you’ll inspect all the small print on the Stadia Pro offer terms and conditions.

It’s a good idea to examine what Google Stadia is before you jump in because the service works a touch differently than other cloud gaming services. For example, while other cloud services pull games from your existing library, Stadia asks you to shop for games on its platform before playing them.

Can Google Stadia Convince People to Stay?

If you’re someone who fits the restrictions for the Google Stadia Pro trial, you’ll get three months free of charge once you are check-in. We’ll need to see if this is often enough to encourage people to continue with the service.

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Google Stadia hasn’t had a powerful effect on us in the past. as an example, we recently published a bit on why we stopped twiddling with Stadia for the nonce.