Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra massive leak shows entirely too much

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra massive leak shows entirely too much

It would appear that the leaks are coming early this year for the next-generation Samsung Galaxy S device collection. Today we see the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the highest-end version of the Samsung Galaxy S series for 2022. This device features a quad-camera system on its back and an S Pen, almost like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. This device has an S Pen slot, too – allowing the stylus to suit in and be carried by the phone, again not unlike the Galaxy Note series.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra appears today via DigitIn and OnLeaks. The imagery appears to be sourced from an equivalent place as earlier OnLeaks leaks, suggesting that we’re watching what’s VERY likely a near-complete outcome Samsung device. Imagery will are produced by OnLeaks using schematics and style layouts created by sources on the brink of Samsung in preparation for the discharge of the device in question.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra appears here with a rather curved-edge display board upfront – but almost so sharp around the left and right as we’ve seen in some earlier Galaxy S devices. The body of the phone, if we glance at the highest or bottom, the body of the phone seems like an elongated pill shape, and this enables a wise space for the S Pen at the left-hand bottom of the phone.

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Note: This makes the form of the phone and, therefore, the placement of the S Pen exceedingly almost like that of the Galaxy Note 20. Where past Galaxy Note devices had the S Pen on the proper, the Note 20 had said stylus on the left – and here it remains.

Here the device has four rounded corners but rounded at angles that almost reach the device’s corners. In other words, the corners aren’t comically round.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra that appears here features a P-shaped backside camera array. This collection of lenses and sensors likely eclipses the Galaxy S21 Ultra and includes a ToF/Lidar 3D scanning apparatus for advanced photography and augmented reality applications.

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It’s suggested by the source of the pictures that this smartphone is going to be released on October 21, 2021, and this is often fairly unlikely, given the date of the last half-decade of Galaxy S devices. It’s more likely that Samsung will reveal and release the Galaxy S22 Ultra (and other Galaxy S22 devices) in January of 2022.