Four Years Later, Nintendo Switch Owners Get the Twitch App

Four Years Later, Nintendo Switch Owners Get the Twitch App

Nintendo has announced that the Twitch app has finally arrived on the Switch, even though the system was released in 2017.

Even though the Nintendo Switch was introduced four years ago, Nintendo has finally released a Twitch app. Even while many TVs come with these applications fully loaded, Microsoft and Sony made sure that their current-gen systems started with streaming apps so that consumers don’t have to use another device to view TV shows.

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On the Switch, Nintendo hasn’t been so liberal with streaming applications. The system quickly received Hulu and YouTube applications, but other streaming services took time to arrive. The Switch was released in 2017, but it wasn’t until 2020 that it obtained a Funimation app. This implies that many streaming applications will not work on the Switch unless the system is hacked.

It’s been a long time coming, but the Switch now has a new streaming app. According to the Nintendo Switch, Twitch is now available for download on the Nintendo of America Twitter page. The Twitch software takes up only 31MB of space on the console and may be used in handheld mode. One peculiar aspect of Twitch’s integration to the Switch is Nintendo’s attitude toward streamers since no one was permitted to stream Nintendo’s E3 2021 presentation on Twitch. It’s unknown whether this position will alter in the future, but the app’s inclusion on Nintendo’s system might signal fans and streamers’ shift in the direction.

Nintendo has cooperated with Twitch in the past, despite its apparent antipathy toward broadcasters during their E3 2021 webcast. Nintendo, for example, teamed with Twitch in 2019 to provide Nintendo Switch Online memberships to Twitch Prime users. It’s just odd that the app has taken this long to arrive on Nintendo Switch. Even though its predecessors had Netflix apps, the Switch has yet to obtain one. This might indicate a shift in Nintendo’s attitude toward non-gaming apps on the Switch, especially given the Switch’s short lifetime.

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Some functions that should be included on the Nintendo Switch are missing, such as a native Internet browser, folders for game icons, and custom themes. Nintendo appears to have made it a priority to keep the Switch’s Home menu as clutter-free as possible to guarantee that everything loads swiftly. The Nintendo Wii U was known for its lengthy load times, and the Switch’s simple features might be an attempt to ensure that everything boots up as soon as possible. This is especially crucial since, due to their inbuilt SSDs, the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S run games at rapid speeds, so the Switch needs all the support it can get to stay up.

The Twitch app for Nintendo Switch is now available.

Source: Nintendo of America/Twitter