onenote project management

onenote project management

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What is OneNote?

OneNote is an electronic notebook, which may be a part of Microsoft Office since 2003. It allows you to arrange notes, files, articles, pictures, and more information in a single digital notebook. It’s available approximately for all devices like Mobile, Laptops, Desktops, and all the OS (IOS, MAC, Windows, and Android).

How to Use OneNote for Project Management

1. Work with Outlook and OneNote

  • Integrate OneNote with Outlook to arrange tasks, meeting notes, and Content in one place.
  • This ensures your team can access important information, for instance, stakeholder feedback, at any time.
  • To get started, you’ll get to connect OneNote and Outlook.
  • Open Outlook, select ‘File’, and ‘Options’. Navigate to ‘Add-ins’ and choose ‘COM Add-ins’ under Manage. Click ‘Go’.
  • Select ‘OneNote Notes about Outlook Items’ from the menu and finish by clicking ‘OK’. OneNote is now available within Outlook.

There are a couple of ways to use OneNote and Outlook to manage project meetings and tasks.

OneNote and Outlook: Store emails

Surface key information and keep everyone within the loop by adding emails to relevant project notebooks.

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  • Open the relevant email and click on the OneNote icon. Next, pick the relevant Notebook and section.
  • The email is stored as a replacement page.
  • Likewise, you’ll share a page via email from OneNote.
  • Go to the specified page and choose ‘Home’ on the most ribbon. Then, choose ‘Email Page’ and compose your email as required. 

OneNote and Outlook: Create Tasks

Creating tasks in OneNote using Outlook is sort of straightforward.

  • Firstly, create and save the task in Outlook. Then, open the task and increase OneNote by selecting the OneNote icon at the highest of the Tasks Page.
  • Next, add the task to the relevant notebook section or page.
  • In this instance, I will be able to add the new task ‘Project Charter Update’ to the ‘Weekly Tasks’ page of my Notebook:
  • The task is now available within the project notebook.
  • I can add extra details, like documents, tags, and links to the task to reference when completing the work.
  • Once finished, mark the task as complete to get rid of the item from your Outlook calendar.

OneNote and Outlook: Manage Meetings

Using OneNote to document project meetings is especially helpful for remote team members who cannot attend a session thanks to zone differences.

  • Firstly, schedule the meeting in Outlook.
  • Select ‘OneNote Meetings’ within the ribbon.
  • Next, click ‘Take Your Own Notes’ and choose the relevant page in OneNote.
  • The agenda, alongside any additional information, is added to OneNote.
  • Track notes during the meeting and share with attendees using the ‘Email page’ option.

2. Create a To-do List

I regularly use the To-Do list feature in OneNote to trace small items or ideas when performing on a project.

There are two ways to make an inventory.

Option 1

Type a list of things and choose ‘To do’ within the Tags tab on the house ribbon.

This will add a checkbox to the chosen item. Update tasks as required.

Option 2

Select ‘To do’ within the Tags tab on the house ribbon to start a replacement list anywhere on your page.

3. Use Tags to Organize Content

Tags are easy thanks to organizing pages in OneNote, allowing users to annotate their notes.

  • Tags, made from a logo and a text label, break a page into easy-to-consume sections.
  • OneNote for Windows 10 offers fewer tags.
  • Tagging content also helps when checking out tasks or notes.
  • Just hit ‘Find tags’ to seek out the tags utilized in a notebook, section, or page.

Search results are linked to the relevant page.

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4. Collaborate in Microsoft Teams

Get more from Microsoft Teams by using OneNote to collaborate with remote team members.

You don’t even get to create a replacement Notebook – it’s automatically generated whenever a replacement team is made in Microsoft Teams.

Add the Notebook as a tab to the relevant channel to form it easier to seek out.

Use the OneNote app in Teams to figure with all of your Notebooks, categorized as Personal, Team, and up to date.

A few ways to leverage OneNote with Teams include:

  • Use OneNote rather than the quality Teams wiki to record notes, training guides, feedback, and so on.
  • Collaborate during video meetings together with your team.
  • Embed audio and video messages to share with remote team members for feedback and input.
  • Use OneNote as a whiteboard during calls. the choices within the ‘Draw’ tab are ideal for planning and brainstorm sessions.

5. Save time with Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate may be a no-code solution that permits users to make workflows to automate repetitive tasks.

Power Automate is predicated on pre-planned templates, including multiple options for OneNote.

Automating simple tasks, like creating a page during a Notebook before a gathering, is a simple thanks to saving time during your day.

Helpful Tips

1. Rearranging Items

A terrific feature available for all options is that you can rearrange items easily. Just put your mouse over the item you would like to manoeuvre, and you’ll see the four-headed arrow. Then, drag it to its new location. This works for block pieces used for the layout also as individual items like to-dos and list items.

2. Resizing Blocks

The blocks that are wont to organize the layout can’t only be moved but resized so that you’re getting the foremost out of the templates. Just select the block, and within the upper right-hand corner, you’ll see tiny arrows. Just tap and drag right or left to resize.

3. Basic Formatting

To quickly change the font size or colour for the text, just put your mouse over the most section until you see that four-headed arrow and click on it to pick it. You’ll then either click a range in the highest navigation or right-click to form your adjustments. This is often a simple thanks to adding checkboxes or stars to your items or changing the design.

4. Saving Customized Templates

If you’ve got started with one among these built-in templates, have made many changes to that, and would like to continue using it moving forward, you’ll reserve it easily. you’ve got added your company logo, resized blocks, and reformatted text to urge it just the way you would like it. Don’t let that tough work attend waste; reserve it as a template for future use.

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To save your new template, select View from the highest navigation, then Paper Size. this may open the Paper Size pane. At rock bottom of that pane, click Save Current Page as a Template. Then give your template a reputation and choose whether it should be your default page template within the current section.

When using your saved template, perform equivalent steps as above for accessing the built-in templates counting on your OneNote version. You ought to then see a further category called My Templates. Select the arrow next to that and choose the one you would like to use.

User Questions:

  1. Can you program in OneNote?

Just pick your programing language, and you’ll open a programming environment for a few seconds, even without signing up. What’s great is that you can integrate programs you create with this tool right in OneNote. Then, at any time during the writing process, copy the URL and paste it into OneNote.

  1. Can I assign tasks in OneNote?

OneNote opens a window so you’ll create a replacement task directly from within Outlook. Instructions: Type out the task in OneNote on a page. You’ll see the “Assign Task” button in your Task Tab within the Manage Task Group.

  1. Can I use OneNote as a daily journal?

OneNote Gem: Favorite v18 provide a replacement feature to create a daily journal quickly. In OneNote, create a notebook and name “Journal” ( or other else ). OK, next, we set the OneNote Journal feature to make a daily journal page in the “Journal” Notebook.

  1. Onenote Project Advice

Onenote Project Advice from OneNote

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5.OneNote as a project management solution

OneNote as a project management solution from sysadmin