How to Fix Frequent Sea of Thieves Bugs on Pc and Xbox

How to Fix Frequent Sea of Thieves Bugs on Pc and Xbox

Here we can see, “How to Fix Frequent Sea of Thieves Bugs on Pc and Xbox”

One of the most popular games this year is Sea of Thieves. You are tasked with rising to the rank of the most dreaded pirate in this adventure video game, which is playable on both Xbox One and Windows 10 computers.

Unfortunately, not all players have had a smooth gaming experience. Many faults, from setup problems to poor FPS and crashes, plague Sea of Thieves.

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Sea of Thieves reported bugs and possible fixes

1. Players get kicked out of the game

It’s challenging enough to play Sea of Thieves while staying online. Many gamers expressed frustration over losing all of their work and being disconnected from the game servers.

i just got like 7 chests and 3 skulls and then i got kicked out of the server and everything that i found is gone, it happens to me every time i play this game like every 30 minutes, can someone please help me i cant progress the game if it will keep on kicking me.. (playing on the pc)

You can employ several remedies to deal with this issue:

    1. Disable Teredo; numerous gamers attested that doing so solved the issue. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time consumers have experienced problems with the Teredo Adapter.
    2. Turn down the IPv6 connection and solely use IPv4.
    3. Ensure that the NAT Type is Open.

2. Game won’t launch/crashes

Due to problems upon debut, many gamers can still not play Sea of Thieves.

The game crashed immediately upon launch. At first a grey screen would pop up for a fraction of a second than disappear. After trying all of the fixes (minus the local account fix), nothing worked. I’ve also re-installed the game a dozen times.

You could try the following fixes to fix Sea of Thieves crashes:

    1. Update KB4088776, in particular from the most recent Windows updates.
    2. Use a local Microsoft account to sign in.
    3. Use the email address associated with the game purchase to log into the Microsoft Store. Install any free app you’ve downloaded from the Store at this point. Then, test it out by starting Sea of Thieves from the Windows 10 Store Library page.
    4. Use the PowerShell command listed below: Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml”}

We’re hoping for the best.

3. Players can’t get a second weapon

To survive, you must have powerful weapons at your disposal. However, many players are restricted from having a sword as their only weapon.

Fortunately, you can rapidly fix this error by closing the game and changing servers. Alternating between weapons and then placing the weapon you prefer in the top slot is another option.

Simply killing off your character is another option. However, you must first enter the armory and confirm that both slots are filled with a weapon. Then, while you still have only one weapon, end your life. You should be able to use both weapons after you resurrect them.

Unfortunately, these fixes don’t always work, so the game urgently requires a hotfix to fix this issue.

4. Game lags

Anyone else have drastic lag issues when boarding their ship? Im fine when on land but on the ship my game is completely unplayable.

If your game slows as well, you’re not the only one. It takes a lot of time to solve this issue, affecting many gamers.

By turning off background programs and Game DVR, you can attempt to focus your computer’s resources on the game. If the problem still exists, ensure your graphics settings are appropriate for the game you are playing.

Disable any installed VPN software for a while as well. You might also want to test a different VPN to see if anything changes because VPN software might occasionally make your Internet connection slower.

5. Players can’t exit particular views

When I pick up items, raise the anchor, get behind a cannon,etc. I can’t exit the view/drop the items. I’m practically stuck. I’ve restarted my Xbox one x, and tried quitting and rejoining games.

Many SOT players frequently become caught in specific game perspectives and cannot get out to continue playing. Unfortunately, even though this is a common problem, there is currently no fix. Therefore, the simplest course of action is to simply get in touch with SOT support and report this issue to persuade the staff to give it a top priority.

These are the most typical Sea of Thieves problems that users have encountered. But, of course, this is just a partial list of bugs; we didn’t even include all of them.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Why do I continually losing connection with my PC for Sea of Thieves?

Your network adapter driver being outdated or in the wrong place is one common cause of the connection problem. Unfortunately, the most recent version may not always be provided by Windows 10. However, if you use old or incorrect drivers, you can have connectivity difficulty or other issues.

2. I keep rubberbanding in Sea of Thieves, why do I do that?

If you do not believe that your game settings are the problem, then your internet connection or connection to the game server is the only remaining possibility. If the game still doesn’t work properly after plugging in an Ethernet cable, your wifi is probably the problem.

3. Why is Sea of Thieves on Steam so sluggish?

Despite having stunning visuals and intriguing gameplay, Sea of Thieves is not yet optimized. As a result, players have experienced Sea of Thieves lag due to the game’s numerous stability and performance issues.

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4. anyone know how to fix this, usually it fixes itself but rn its not …

anyone know how to fix this, usually it fixes itself but rn its not. xbox from Seaofthieves

5. Games are gone on the Xbox app after hard reset on the pc

Games are gone on the Xbox app after hard reset on the pc from xboxinsiders