How to: Fix Forza Horizon 3 Errors

How to: Fix Forza Horizon 3 Errors

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Forza Horizon 3 Errors”

Forza Horizon 3 (FH3) is an Xbox Play Anywhere title so that you may play it for free on both your PC and Xbox One.

You may customize everything in this game for a never-before-seen experience, including your buddies, the cars you want to drive, the music, and even the driving terrain.

Like any other gaming experience, Forza Horizon 3 has its drawbacks, but we’ll teach you how to fix any bugs that might be preventing you from enjoying the game.

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FIX: Forza Horizon 3 errors

1. Error FH301: An incompatible graphics driver is detected and there may be known issues with your current GPU manufacturer’s driver version

Make sure your graphics hardware has the most recent drivers loaded.

Solution: Do the following to see if your Windows 10 device has the most recent updates:

    • Select “Start”
    • Choose Settings
    • To update and secure, click.
    • Activate Windows Update.
    • To see if your device has any updates available, choose to Check now.
    • Select Install Now to begin installation after the updates have finished downloading.
    • After installing updates, restart your device to enable the most recent changes to take effect. Save any open apps before doing so.

2. Error: Invalid Profile

You must sign out and sign back in on the Xbox App whenever you encounter an incorrect profile issue when launching For Honor 3. Once you’ve done that, try the below techniques to fix the problem.

Restart your apps

    • Right-click Start
    • Choose “Run”
    • Press Enter or click OK after typing msconfig.
    • Select the General tab.
    • Click OK after selecting Normal Startup.
    • Click Restart when asked to restart the machine.

Reset Windows Store cache

    • Right-click Start
    • The Command Prompt button (Admin).
    • Press Enter after typing wsreset.exe.
    • Launch Windows Store after closing the Command prompt.
    • The Windows Store Xbox App should be updated.
    • You can remove and reinstall the software if there is no way for you to update it.

Try the following for each if you see an Invalid Profile problem when attempting to launch FH3 on your PC or Xbox console:

PC: Verify that the offline permissions are turned on.

    • Launch the Microsoft Store
    • Select your profile picture.
    • Choose Settings.
    • Make sure the offline permissions are enabled on your computer.
    • Cut off internet access to your computer.
    • Click on Windows Settings.
    • Choose System
    • Choose Storage
    • Choosing Apps & Games
    • Find and choose Forza Horizon 3
    • the Advanced Options link Reset
    • Launch the game, engage in playtime to generate a fresh local save, and reconnect to the internet.


    • Select My games and applications from the Home page.
    • Game of the year for Forza Horizon 3
    • On your controller, press the Menu button.
    • Choose Manage Game.
    • Navigate to the menu on the left screen and select Saved Data.
    • On the right, highlight the saved information for your Gamertag.
    • On your controller, press the A button.
    • You will be asked to approve the game save data deletion. To delete all of your saved game data from your console, the cloud, and any other consoles you use, choose Delete everywhere.

3. Error FH101: Your system’s CPU doesn’t meet the requirements to run the game.

A CPU with at least 4 logical cores—either 4 physical or 2 hyper-threaded physical cores—is required for FH3.

Solution: Upgrade your system’s CPU or play the game again using a computer with a CPU that satisfies the system’s minimal requirements.

Intel Core i7-6700, Intel Core i7-3820, Intel Core i5-6600k, Intel Core i3-4170, AMD FX-8320, and AMD FX-6300 are a few of the supported CPUs.

4. Error FH203: An unsupported GPU has been detected

A GPU (graphics processing unit) with Resource Binding Tier 2 is needed to run the FH3 game. Older cards might be able to run DirectX 12 but not the capabilities required to play this game.

Upgrade your GPU card as a solution.

You can do the following to determine the type of card you have:

    • Start here
    • Choose Settings
    • Choose System
    • Choose Display
    • Select Advanced display options by scrolling to the bottom.
    • Select Display adapter Properties at the bottom of the page.
    • The name of the GPU will be displayed under Adapter Type, and your Adapter Type will be displayed under Dedicated Memory.

NVIDIA 980ti, NVIDIA 970, GeForce GTX 750 Ti, Radeon R9 290X, and Radeon R7 250X are a few of the GPU cards that are supported.

5. Error FH204: An unsupported GPU has been detected.

In this instance, running FH3 calls for a GPU with Tiled Resources Tier 1. DirectX 12 may be supported by certain older cards but not the capabilities required to play this game.

6. Error FH401: Your system memory does not meet the minimum requirements to run FH3

The game can only be downloaded if at least 8 GB of system RAM is available.

Solution: Perform the following checks on your system storage and add more RAM:

    • Right-click Start
    • Choose “Run”
    • Press Enter to start the DirectX Diagnostic Tool after typing “dxdiag”.
    • Look at Memory under the Systemtab in the System Information window. To run FH3, the specified quantity must be 8 GB or more.

7. Error FH501: Your system’s video card doesn’t support DirectX 12

Check your system specs and update to a video card that supports DirectX 12 as a solution.

Doing the following will reveal whether DirectX 12 is supported by your video card:

    • Right-click Start
    • Choose “Run”
    • Press Enter to start the DirectX Diagnostic Tool after typing “dxdiag”.
    • Look at the DirectX version under the Systemtab in the System Information window. To run FH3, it must be a value of 12 or greater.

8. Error FH601: Some Windows Media components are missing, and your version of Windows 10 is missing the necessary media .dlls to install FH3

Download the necessary Windows Media components, which are free to download from Media Feature Pack for Windows 10 N and Windows 10 KN editions, to cure this problem.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. Are the servers for Forza Horizon 3 down?

When a game approaches “End of Life,” both the base game and any DLC associated with it are no longer allowed to be purchased from the Microsoft Store. However, elements like multiplayer and online services will still be available for those who own the game. On September 27, 2020, Forza Horizon 3 will be declared “end of life.”

2. Why is Forza 3 constantly crashing?

Problematic graphics card drivers are frequently contributing factors to game crashes. As a result, you can try updating your graphics card drivers if Forza Horizon keeps crashing on your computer. The How to Update Graphics Card Drivers (NVIDIA/AMD/Intel) guide can be used to accomplish this.

3. How can I start Forza?

In Forza Horizon 5, players must first shift into second gear before reversing to first to use launch control. The handbrake must then be engaged, followed by a full drive-forward motion.

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