Forza Horizon 5 Accidents and Steering Wheel Issues Persist

Forza Horizon 5 Accidents and Steering Wheel Issues Persist

Forza Horizon 5’s previously reported PC crashing and steering wheel difficulties should be addressed in a hotfix released this week.

PC crashes, steering wheel, and connectivity difficulties will be addressed in a future Forza Horizon 5 patch, which is expected to be released this week. The latest installment in the racing game from developer Playground got off to a fantastic start, with both critics and players praising the team. However, there were speed bumps in PC crashing issues and unreliable steering wheel assistance in Forza Horizon 5.

Playground openly acknowledged the issues above on November 10, just days after Forza Horizon 5′ launched, and announced that development on a hotfix had begun. The company had planned to release the patch late last week in the hopes of fast resolving the crashing, connectivity, and steering wheel support issues that had been plaguing many players. Unfortunately, Playground has announced that the wait for such a fix will last a little longer.

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According to a recent tweet from Forza Support (via PC Gamer), problems with the hotfix forced Playground to postpone the forthcoming Forza Horizon 5 patch. There’s no news on when the upgrade will be ready for primetime because testing is still ongoing; however, the message did suggest it should arrive this week. Players may expect the crashing, connectivity, and steering wheel support issues to go away once it does.

The otherwise fantastic Forza Horizon 5 may still have a few kinks, but users can be certain that they won’t last long. Even though Playground has yet to announce a particular release date for the fix, PC Gamer points out that there is a temporary solution for individuals who cannot connect their steering wheel controller. This fix, according to reports, works wonders and enables force feedback.

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Forza Horizon 5 was announced last summer during Xbox and Bethesda Softworks’ combined E3 2021 press conference, and it is presently on many players’ shortlists for Game of the Year. Racing lovers may blast their way across a gorgeous Mexico map, including 11 varied biomes ranging from deserts and swamps to rainforests and canyons. The inclusion of dust and tropical storms in Forza Horizon 5’s dynamic weather effects amplifies the experience like never before. Without a doubt, the Playground Games team has raised the bar for this generation of racing games.

On PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, Forza Horizon 5 is now available to play.

Source: Forza Support/Twitter via PC Gamer