Far Cry 6 QR Codes Possibly Teasing a New Multiplayer Game

Far Cry 6 QR Codes Possibly Teasing a New Multiplayer Game

The Far Cry 6 developers hid QR codes all over Yara, and one of them could be a new multiplayer game, possibly a free-to-play battle royale.

QR codes can be found all over the Far Cry 6 map, and one of them may hint at a new franchise multiplayer game. Although the game’s release date is only a few days away, on October 7, YouTubers and preview players have already discovered some intriguing Easter eggs on the island of Yara, the game’s open world. Early Far Cry 6 reviews described the game as a familiar island adventure akin to previous Far Cry installments; Simultaneously, the addition of powerful makeshift weapons and animal companions adds new elements to the experience. The game is described as an iterative and engaging installment.

Ubisoft’s most recent game is a paid AAA experience with expansion packs and DLC. However, Ubisoft has previously expressed interest in entering the free-to-play market, with the company developing a games-as-a-service model that has been largely absent from its product lineup. In contrast to the traditional AAA pricing model seen in Far Cry 6, the model would place a higher value on microtransactions, DLC, and other expansions. Ubisoft produces large-scale single-player experiences, but a shift in the pattern could be closer than previously thought. Keen eyes have discovered a possible tease at a Far Cry experience in a different vein.

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While playing Far Cry 6 ahead of its official release, YouTuber JorRaptor (via Video Games Chronicle) discovered a suggestive teaser. JorRaptor noticed QR codes all over Yara during their play sessions, including one on crates at an FND base in Costa Del Mar. When scanned with a real smartphone, the QR code leads to a six-second video that may hint at a new multiplayer game. The video shows a map that looks like it belongs in Far Cry 4, complete with a Sky Shrine marker and various animal coins with predators on top.


The six-second video could indicate several things, including a patch for previous Far Cry games that allowed more than two players to work together simultaneously. In addition, this could be a hint at a Far Cry 4 update that expands on in-game cooperation, as the franchise has previously limited multiplayer experiences. JorRaptor’s theory, on the other hand, has some merit, as Ubisoft has expressed interest in the free-to-play market.

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With a survival-based franchise, the six-second video may tease a battle royale set in various Far Cry locations with PvE and PvP elements. But there’s no way of knowing what the video means right now. The number 1024 is printed next to the Far Cry 6 QR codes on the crates, indicating a release date of October 24. So until Ubisoft provides more information, these theories are just that: speculations.

On October 7, Far Cry 6 will be released on Google Stadia, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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