iPad mini 6 now reported to have a screen distortion problem

iPad mini 6 now reported to have a screen distortion problem

Because of its updates and changes this year, the 2021 iPad mini, a.k.a. the iPad mini 6, almost surpassed the iPhone 13 due to its virtually unchanged design over the years. However, even though things appear to be going well, for the time being, some issues occurred before the tablet was put into production. For example, users are reporting issues with the “jelly scrolling” effect, and some iPad mini 6 users are now reporting that the problem is still related to the slate’s shiny screen.

Apple made significant changes to the recipe for the sixth-generation iPad Mini, which goes beyond the model. One is the large screen, which necessitated new internal tablet component layouts combined with the latest display controller. The cause above could be the source of Small Slate’s problems, and the company is still investigating the reports to see what went wrong.

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On Reddit, some users are reporting a strange event on the screen of the iPad Mini 6. A gentle touch on the screen while held vertically (portrait) causes a flashing effect on the top of the screen. This effect occurs in multiple locations and is triggered by the press.

The reddit user who pointed out the line speculated that it had something to do with the battery and improperly folded ribbons, but iFixit’s dismantle revealed nothing worth investigating. However, they believe that the placement of the new screen’s controller may be the cause of the previously reported scrolling delay.

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The good news is that this problem does not appear to be widespread, and replacement warrants can be obtained quickly. Though it will be a different story if Apple cannot identify the problem, it may be interesting on its own. Unfortunately, you can’t make that claim because it’s standard practice for LCDs.