usb loader gx crashes when loading game

usb loader gx crashes when loading game

Here we can see “USB loader gx crashes when loading game”

USB Loader GX crashes at “loading resources”.


Are you requesting a replacement feature? If so, use the search button. the chances are, we’ve already had an invitation for this feature several times. If this is often a replica of a past feature request, be prepared for a rude response.

If your issue is about anything that happens after a game has started,

don’t even bother posting it. Once the sport has started, the Loader is completed. Any issues from now on are to try together with your HDD, the IOS, the game, or the Wii. Unfortunately, we cannot fix them.

DON’T MAKE ISSUES a few CERTAIN GAME NOT WORKING- If the sport starts, then messes up, re-rip it, try different settings, different IOS. But I don’t have a problem with it. It’ll be deleted.

Please give here the maximum amount of information as you’ll.

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What steps will reproduce the problem?

1.Startup Wii with 500 GB HDD inserted, also as 4 GB SDHC (it works for me)

2.Startup HBC

3.Startup USB Loader GX (latest version, do not know which number off the highest of my head)

What is the expected output? What does one see instead?

Expected output: USB Loader GX loads. What do I see instead? A crash dump.

What revision of USB Loader GX are you using? (exact number, don’t say “latest”)

On what OS (IOS/Firmware/System)?

I don’t know off the highest of my head. You do not want me to mention the newest, but that is what I’m using.

Using the Multi-Mod Manager, I switched from a special OS (I think it said IOS250) to IOS249, and it still crashed. So I’m employing a fully softmodded Wii (painfully obvious, I know).

Would you please provide any additional information below?

Note: Please avoid attaching too big files if not needed.

As far as I do know, it’s because I deleted the two .cfg files within the USB Loader folder. I’ll add them to the folder via an archived version to ascertain if that was what the difficulty is, but if it’s that, you ought to get that issue fixed (maybe make it so that the Loader generates those files if they are not there (if it doesn’t already)).

User Questions:

1. USB Loader GX crashes when trying to load software

I installed USB Loader GX using the homebrew launcher for the Wii, and that I placed some games on a USB drive using WBFS Manager 2.5. Therefore, the Loader recognizes the drive and the games thereon, but whenever I attempt to load a game, it crashes back to the house screen/homebrew launcher (it depends on where I started it). Does one know what I can do?

2. Opening any game crashes USB loader gx

3. USB Loader GX crashes when loading Wii Game List (fix)

sometimes I’ll begin USB LGX without my disk drive plugged in, and it will change a number of my settings to default. Then, mentioning the Wii game list will cause an “Exception DSI Occurred!” message to return up and a black screen. Gamecube and Nand games will work fine.

Anyways, I *just* found out what was causing this crash, and since I used to be never ready to find a fix on google, I decided to post about it here if anyone else finishes up with an equivalent problem.

I used USB Loader Gx on my USB, but default settings were trying to load the Cache BNR file path from the SD card. To confirm, you enter “custom paths” and confirm it loading Cache BNR from wherever you’ve got the USB loader installed.

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4. USB Loader GX freezes when installing games

I plan to install a game on my HDD, which confuses me because I never experienced this back once I first installed USBLGX and, therefore, the necessary cIOS a few years ago.

Whenever I’m trying to put in a game from the Wii U’s disc drive, ninefold out of ten, it’ll just stop somewhere in between. The screen still responds to pressing the Cancel button, but it does nothing. The music still plays, and therefore the whole thing’s practically soft locked till I unplug the console entirely. Afterward, I buy a mistake whenever I attempt to delete the unfinished file, so I even have to plug the disk drive into my computer to try to do so. This is often all especially obnoxious considering that every time this happens, I even have to all or any the way through the Wii U Menu, the vWii Menu, the Homebrew Menu, and eventually back to the USB Loader GX menu.

  1. I can’t launch games from USB launcher gx

I hacked my WII and downloaded USB launcher GX. I even have Priiloader and d2x-cIOS installed too. But once I launch a game from USB launcher GX, it takes me back to the homebrew channel; what can I do to resolve it?