Elden Ring Reveals Five Character Classes With Striking Designs

Elden Ring Reveals Five Character Classes With Striking Designs

Five Elden Ring classes will be playable in a network test, including the magical Enchanted Knight, blind warrior Prophet, and frightening Bloody Wolf.

Five Elden Ring character classes will be playable in the game’s closed network test on November 12, according to FromSoftware. The studio is known for inventing the Soulslike genre, but its new game will take that characteristic gameplay style and world-building and apply it to an open-world scenario. More of the highly awaited adventure was shown in a recent Elden Ring gameplay preview, which included exploration, multiplayer, and combat action.

FromSoftware has continued to expand the Soulslike genre since Demon’s Souls’ release in 2009 while keeping the genre’s primary pillars of challenge and enigmatic lore. Elden Ring will return to the RPG features of its Dark Souls forebears after Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice limited players to a single signature blade and a predetermined protagonist. In addition, players will use various weapons and magical spells in the epic fantasy game, allowing them to customize their playstyles. Elden Ring’s enormous map and in-world beacons were also unveiled in the recent gameplay demo, offering a better indication of the game world’s size and scope.

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The official Elden Ring account has unveiled 4K character models of five playable character classes in a new tweet, all of which will be available during the forthcoming playtest. Classes and builds were a recurring theme in the Dark Souls trilogy, and Elden Ring’s classes are no exception, with their distinctive designs. With his curved blade, the Warrior appears to be a skillful melee build, but the Enchanted Knight is dressed in heavy armor and wields a magic staff instead of a sword and shield. The blind Prophet class carries a shield and a big club around its neck, as well as a strange wheel. The Champion appears to be a fighting class focusing on strength, with low armor and a big axe. Finally, the Bloody Wolf wields a sword and shield while wearing light, cool-looking armor. These classes will be available during Elden Ring’s closed network test, which will take place from November 12 to 14, allowing select players to test the game.

Elden Ring just released a 20-minute gameplay video that showcased a slew of new and returning features. It also offered a detailed look at several NPCs, including the rowdy living pot Alexander and the strange (but nice) figure Melina. Many parts of combat look to have been enhanced over previous FromSoftware games, with Elden Ring’s gameplay preview displaying aesthetically stunning magic skills as well as what appear to be precise close-quarters fighting hitboxes. In addition, the game’s open-world approach, which includes a map and bosses that can attack players as they explore, could help it stand out from the competition.

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Elden Ring hopes to improve Dark Souls based on what has been exhibited so far by revisiting previous Soulsborne games’ components. Elden Ring’s character classes appear to have improved as well, as they are all recognized and appear to enable a variety of playstyles. During the Elden Ring network test on November 12, lucky players will get the opportunity to try out these classes.

On February 25, 2022, Elden Ring will be released for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Elden Ring/Twitter