The most recent Oculus Quest 2 update actually made matters worse

The most recent Oculus Quest 2 update actually made matters worse

New features have been added to the Quest 2 headset. However, users have complained of a visual issue affecting their experience.

The Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset received an update a few days ago, but some users have complained about a visual glitch. In 2020, Meta will release the Quest 2, a follow-up to the first-generation Quest standalone VR headset. The new model has a more excellent resolution, a faster refresh rate, and is less expensive. This contributed to the company’s goal of selling 10 million devices by 2021.

Quest VR headsets are pretty popular, and Meta (Facebook) has solidified its position as a consumer leader in the market. Their popularity is projected to rise even more now that users are no longer obliged to check the device using a Facebook account. The company also has some new models in the works, including a high-end model codenamed Project Cambria that will be released later this year as the Quest Pro.

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This week, Meta began sending a new update for Quest 2, including several significant new features. The v37 version, however, is not without flaws, as some Reddit users have reported chromatic aberration. This occurs when colours appear in unexpected places, resulting in colour fringes around the borders of objects. According to Android Central, Meta has issued a statement saying that the company is investigating the situation and will provide an update as soon as one becomes available.

You may want to disable Wi-Fi

Thankfully, the update is being rolled out in stages, so many people have yet to receive it. Unfortunately, the Quest 2 updates itself, and there is no way to disable this feature. Until Meta slows the rollout, the best approach, for now, is to switch off Wi-Fi so that the device does not connect to the internet and the update is applied automatically. Of course, this isn’t ideal for users that need to connect to the internet to do work, but it’s either that or risk encountering the same issue as other users.

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Except for the visual problem, the Quest 2 headset gets a lot of new features with the v37 upgrade. Owners of the Apple Magic Keyboard, for example, may now connect their keyboard to a VR headset and view a 3D image of the keyboard and their hands in their own home. In addition, there’s now the opportunity to transfer links from an Android device to the Oculus Quest 2 headset via the mobile app and access a Quick Action menu by pinching your hand.

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