Dead by Daylight Adds Silent Hill 2 Pyramid Head Skin & James

Dead by Daylight Adds Silent Hill 2 Pyramid Head Skin & James

Behaviour Interactive has announced two new Silent Hill outfits for Dead by Deadlight, the Silent Hill 2 protagonist.

Behaviour Interactive has announced that Dead by Daylight will be adding more Silent Hill material with two new outfits that transform Pyramid Head into the rotten matter and Cheryl Mason into James Sunderland, Silent Hill 2’s the sad and ambiguous protagonist, just in time for Halloween. Last month, a prominent user leaked that James Sunderland would appear in Dead By Daylight as a legendary cosmetic for Chery Mason from Silent Hill 3. More than 11 minutes of the character’s encrypted audio records, a character photo corroborated this, later discovered in the game’s files.

In 2020, Konami will release the Silent Hill Chapter DLC for Dead By Deadlight. This popular asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game has gathered together some of the most iconic horror film killers of all time. This content pack included the harrowingly vicious Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2 as a new killer and Cheryl Mason, the brave protagonist from Silent Hill 3. Long-time fans will be pleased to learn that a new level, the Midwich Elementary School from the original Silent Hill game, has been added, providing content from the first three versions of the survival horror franchise with an officially licenced DLC pack.

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Behaviour Interactive has released even additional Silent Hill DLC for Dead By Daylight, including two new outfit sets accessible through the in-game store. The first is the extremely uncommon Pyramid Blight Set for Pyramid Head, which depicts the executioner boosted with a lethal amount of putrid serum, resulting in decaying materials flowing from his blade and torso. In addition to past Silent Hill-themed costumes like Cybil Bennet, Lisa Garland, and Alessa Gillespie, the franchise’s most beloved and complicated protagonist, James Sunderland, is returning as a legendary cosmetic costume for Cheryl Manson.

While these outfits are fantastic additions for Silent Hill fans, Dead by Daylight’s ongoing Halloween event, The Midnight Grove, offers much more. Throughout the two-week event, participants will be able to obtain spooky special clothes and charms, as well as see Halloween-themed maps, loading screens, hooks, generators, and other themed things available through the Bloodweb. Dead by Daylight, a new survivor with supernatural skills and specially crafted stories highlighted during the event is also introduced to Mikaela Reid at the Midnight Grove.

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Halloween has arrived, and Dead By Daylight has a plethora of material for old and new gamers. While more Silent Hill content has been added to the game, more could be on the way in the future since the asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game is still being updated regularly.

Dead by Daylight is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Stadia.

Source: Behaviour InteractiveDead by Deadlight/YouTube