How to Clone/copy a Dvd in Windows 10

How to Clone/copy a Dvd in Windows 10

Here we can see, “How to Clone/copy a Dvd in Windows 10”

  • Following this instruction, users having disc drives on their PCs can clone (back up) their DVDs.
  • We’ll show you two simple techniques to make 1:1 duplicates of your DVDs.

Many people with older computers still use their disc drives to play media. On the other hand, DVDs are not particularly robust and are quickly scratched.

Because disc scratching can harm DVDs, it’s a good idea to clone some of your discs as a backup.

Cloning or copying a DVD entails ripping and burning the disc. The content of a DVD must first be ripped (copied) to a PC.

Disc burning is the process of copying ripped content from a computer to a blank DVD. The content of one disc can be cloned by ripping and burning it to another.

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How can I clone a DVD in Windows 10?

1. Use WinX DVD Copy Pro

WinX DVD Copy Pro is a DVD-cloning software for Windows 10 that is specifically developed for backup needs. It’s a simple, rapid, and adaptable DVD copier with nine different copy settings.

This software allows you to create precise 1:1 disc copies that include all menus, audio, and subtitle tracks. Users can duplicate DVDs using the DVD to ISO, DVD to VIDEO TS, and DVD to DVD tabs.

Furthermore, because it supports a wide range of DVD encryption, you can copy encrypted discs with this software. WinX DVD Copy can copy all types of DVDs because it bypasses various regional codes.

Other useful features

    • DVDs can be repaired using a bad sector recovery engine.
    • The DVD information reader searches the internet for disc information.
    • With this program, users can extract video, subtitles, and audio from DVDs.
    • Users can duplicate certain disc chapter ranges with this feature.

The following are the steps to clone a DVD using this software successfully:

    1. Put a DVD on your computer’s disc drive.
    2. Launch the WinX DVD Copy application.
    3. Select the Clone DVD to DVD option from the menu.
    4. In the Source DVD and Target DVD Burner drop-down menus, choose a source DVD and a target DVD burner (drive).
    5. Remove CSS encryption or Remove DVD region code from the settings menu.
    6. Select the temp folder using the Browse option.
    7. To rip the contents of the CD, click Run.
    8. Insert a blank DVD to burn the disc’s content after being backed up to a hard disk.
    9. Select the Burn option.

2. Rip DVD content with VLC Media Player

    1. VLC can be downloaded and installed from the company’s website.
    2. Insert a DVD that is not encrypted into your disc drive.
    3. Open the VLC media player.
    4. Select the Media menu in VLC.
    5. To open the window directly below, select the Convert/Save option.
    6. Toggle to the Disc tab.
    7. Choose the DVD radio station.
    8. On the Disc device drop-down menu, choose the disc drive that contains the DVD.
    9. Press the Save / Convert button.
    10. On the Profile drop-down menu, choose MP4 for video material.
    11. Select a folder to save the ripped disc material by clicking Browse.
    12. Click the Save option after giving the file a title.
    13. To rip the DVD’s content, click Start.

Burn the ripped disc content

    1. After that, in File Explorer, open the folder where you saved the ripped DVD material.
    2. Replace the DVD in your disc drive with the one you want to burn to.
    3. On the Share tab, select the ripped DVD file and click the Burn to disc option.
    4. After that, you can choose between using a CD/DVD player or a USB flash drive.
    5. Select the Finish burning option on the Manage tab after pressing the Next button.

So, with Windows 10’s built-in function, you can clone DVDs with WinX DVD Copy or rip discs with VLC to burn their contents.

Non-encrypted discs can be copied using any technique, while protected DVDs require WinX DVD Copy.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions

1. In Windows 10, how can I replicate a DVD?

    1. In the CDDVD drive, place the DVD.
    2. Select the files you wish to copy by opening the computer, clicking on the DVD drive, and selecting them.
    3. Right-click on the files you want to copy and select Copy.
    4. Right-click and paste the place where you want to save those files.

2. Is there DVD copy software in Windows 10?

The free version is available for Windows 10 and Windows 8. Basic DVD-making capabilities are not included in Windows 1 or 8. If you have Windows 7, you can use Windows DVD Maker, which simplifies the process. The best ways to duplicate a DVD are using Windows 10 and Windows 8.

3. On my PC, how can I copy a DVD to another DVD?

Start Windows Media Player, go to Burn, select Burn Options, and select Data CD or DVD from the list. Select a blank DVD from the DVD drive in Windows Media Player. Drag and drop the files you copied from the DVD into Windows Media Player’s Burn list. To begin copying files to DVD, click Start Burn.

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