Clippy Makes a Comeback in Nostalgic Microsoft Teams Backgrounds

Clippy Makes a Comeback in Nostalgic Microsoft Teams Backgrounds

Microsoft has unveiled a new set of backgrounds for Teams that pays homage to the past days of Windows.

Clippy, everyone’s favorite paperclip is back! Microsoft has released several nostalgic backgrounds for Microsoft Teams. One of the features the original Office helper.

Clippy for your Teams Meetings

Microsoft has unveiled a collection of backgrounds for Teams that pays homage to some of the most memorable moments in Windows’ history as part of #ThrowbackThursday. Microsoft shared all of the nostalgic backgrounds in a fun post on the Microsoft newsroom. It also explained how each element had an impact on Windows.

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Clippy features in one of these backgrounds. It shows Clippy with his yellow paper and an animated paperclip.

Microsoft wrote in the post that Clippy is loved or hated by everyone. Clippy may be viewed as too persistent, eager, or polite. Clippy, our OG virtual assistant, is a little ahead of its time, we like to believe.

Clippy will not be appearing in a Microsoft 365 update. Microsoft stated, “No Clippy is part of Microsoft 365. However, regardless, we can only hope this high-definition portrait will add some humor to your next Meeting.”

Solitaire, Bliss, and Paint also make a comeback.

Another background features an artistic rendition of Microsoft Solitaire. It turned 31 years old in May 2021. Virtually everyone who used Windows in the past has played Solitaire. Now, you can even remember your favorite distraction when you’re in a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Microsoft also revived the infamous background Bliss. The original image was taken at Los Carneros American Viticultural Area in California’s Wine Country in 1996. It served as Windows XP’s default wallpaper.

Microsoft improved the image this time by softening and shifting shadows and adding some dandelions.

Microsoft Paint’s original version was the last background Microsoft revealed. It is a reminder that there were simpler times when raster graphic editors only had a handful of tools.

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You can also check out other backgrounds for Microsoft Teams.

These backgrounds can be downloaded in high-definition from the Nostalgia section of Microsoft’s website. If none of these backgrounds appeals to your taste, you can choose from backgrounds featuring scenes from FOX and NBC as well as images celebrating Pride and Black History Month and Women’s History Month.