cemu crashes when loading game

cemu crashes when loading game

Here we can see “cemu crashes when loading game


The first step is to make sure the game you’re eager to play has been deemed playable, as many games are either not yet supported, is only known else but crash, or need regressions in compatibility thanks to Cemu updates or issues with new GPU Drivers. Before posing for any help, please check the Game Compatibility List and subsequent Wiki entries; remember outdated testing results.

We encourage our users to submit their testing results and keep the wiki up-to-date otherwise so that everyone’s questions could also be answered.

Stuck on “”Loading…”” / Crash to Desktop (CTD) when starting a gamePermalink

Cause #1

Open Task Manager on Windows -> Clicks the (^) More Details button if necessary -> Navigate to the small print tab. Please confirm Cemu.exe isn’t available in your process list before trying to run Cemu again – that it’s otherwise fully closed. There’s a problem recently where Cemu.exe can grind to a halt within the background, which can cause issues for saving your games, running games, loading your shader cache, and a wider assortment of other complications.

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Cause #2

Open your Cemu folder and temporarily rename your shader cache folder. This may allow you to check a fresh cache to ascertain if the matter was associated with the getting used cache. If renaming the shader cache folder didn’t help, ensure Cemu is fully closed, then rename your earlier shader cacher back to the name “shader cache”; you’ll get to delete the one that Cemu created after you renamed your original copy.

Cause #3

Accidentally loading an Update or DLC as a game by using File -> Load can cause this. Alternatively, if you mistakenly merged the Update or DLC data into the bottom Game trying to save lots of space, this may break the bottom Game – all of the game’s data will be got to be dumped from your Wii U and replaced. So ensure you’re launching the Game correctly or otherwise that Update and DLC data is being installed properly.

Cause #4

To continue off of Cause #3, this might be caused by an incomplete or otherwise corrupt dump of your Base Game / Update / DLC copy. Sometimes Dumping software doesn’t work the way it’s intended to, but it’s better than not having it available. Try dumping the info from your Wii U again – reinstalling any game data won’t affect your saves.

Cause #5

Illicitly obtained game data also will cause this to happen. Dumping your game data is that the only method that Cemu provides support for. Posing for help with illegally downloading that data will end in an immediate ban or warning.

Crashing with [File] -> [Load] or [Install Game Title, Update, or DLC]Permalink

This refers to when the Window’sWindow’s File Explorer window is meant to crop up. This is often a longstanding issue that either causes that:

  1. Incompatibility with a third-party program installed on your PC, usually one that edits how Windows visually looks or people who edit the Taskbar/Tray.
  2. If your PC supports Intel Optane / RST, you want to keep the drivers and features for it installed. Not having the software available can cause this issue; if you removed them or never installed them, it’s encouraged for you to try to do so, but as long as your motherboard supports this feature and you get this sort of crash.
  3. A broken or semi-corrupt Windows installation.

We encourage you to undertake and find the afflicting program and take it away. Otherwise, you ought to consider installing the newest version of Windows 10 cleanly. Migrations, in-place upgrades, “refresh”, and the other non-clean installation methods may result in the problem migrating with you to your newer installation. If you’re unsure how to do a clean Windows reinstallation, we propose you follow a tutorial. Please be smart and back up any files, settings, and programs/program names/product keys that you want to transfer beforehand.

User Questions:

  1. Cemu crashes whenever I attempt to load a game

I know it can’t have something to try to do with the games I’m loading since I’ve tried multiple. the difficulty occurs on any version of cemu I’veI’ve tried. Does anyone know a fix?

  1. [SOLVED] Cemu 1.13.0 crashing when loading a game

I’m guessing the primary line is that the culprit (wine: cannot find L” ” C:\windows\system32\winemenubuilder.exe”)? Does anyone skills to repair it? Thanks

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  1. Cemu Wii U emulator crashes after selecting Game on radeonsi

under wine-staging 2.3 after selecting game cemu crashes with page fault error

and this message is displayed 

Mesa: User error: GL_INVALID_ENUM in glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS)


in nvidia proprietary drivers it works fine

so i suggest it’s a mesa problem

  1. Cemu keeps crashing when loading breath of the wild

I’ve been using this for a short time now and have had no problems so far, and it started giving trouble once I downloaded and ran the most recent cemu program. It just wouldn’t load the Game and kept telling me that it needed to be updated when it already is. Once I went back to the older one that worked right, I could not find any of my saves, and it kept crashing after the open your eyes scene. If anything, I hope this thing didn’t erase my save games once I ran it.