Canon PowerShot PX uses AI to be your robot photographer

Canon PowerShot PX uses AI to be your robot photographer

Canon will not let the dream of an always-on, always-shooting camera die. The Canon PowerShot PX, a camera that captures moments in your life without your input, was unveiled today. This camera sits on a rotating platform and can move its head up and down, giving it a broad area of potential coverage to keep an eye on you anytime you’re close.

The Canon PowerShot PX is a self-driven go-getter of a camera that operates with artificial intelligence. You’ll plug in the device, switch it on, and then let it alone wander around. The camera’s default protocol instructs it to look for human faces and take pictures at the most advantageous times.

The PowerShot PX has a vertical movement of 110 degrees and a horizontal movement of 340 degrees. The camera’s pan-and-tilt feature is made possible by these areas of movement working together. This camera has a focal length range of 19-57mm (35mm equivalent) and can record 11.7-megapixel images or 1080p 60fps video.

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The camera is self-contained. However, it may be controlled using voice commands and on-screen interfaces (with a connected smartphone and the official app). The user can also choose which photos and videos to keep and save on the camera’s memory card using the PowerShot PX app (for iOS or Android).

In addition to USB-C, Canon said that the new version of the camera supports WiFi and Bluetooth for wireless networking. A USB-C cable is also used to charge the camera.

This camera may be used as a webcam if you have the Canon webcam utility program. Except for the somewhat high price for the camera’s next-generation features and AI capabilities, this may be the device’s low-key best feature.

The Canon PowerShot PX is the most recent version of a camera released earlier this year. Canon announced the Canon PowerShot PICK in February of 2021. That device was first made available through the Japanese crowdfunding portal Makuake, and it was only available in Japan. That device, which you may recognize, cost 40,900 JPY (about $390) when it was first released.

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Suppose not the same item is in a new box. The device’s form is now ready for Europe. The Canon PowerShot PX is available for purchase in Europe for around £500/€500. That’s a significant increase above the initial price in Japan, where it was sold under a different brand. Canon has yet to announce availability or pricing for a version of this camera that will be sold in the United States.

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The concept of an always-on, always-snapping camera was also featured in a Google product withdrawn in October of 2019. Google Clips was the device in question. That device might be linked to a necklace or “clipped” to a user’s clothing for on-the-go snapping, or it could be set on a level platform to take images straight forward.

Source: slashgear