Yubico Security C NFC is a cheap USB-C security key for phones and PCs

Yubico Security C NFC is a cheap USB-C security key for phones and PCs

The Security Key C NFC is Yubico’s newest security key, a less expensive alternative to the company’s previous YubiKey 5C NFC. The new device allows customers to lock their Android smartphone, iPhone, or Windows 10 PC with a physical key, making it far more difficult for hackers to access an account.

The new Yubico Security Key C NFC supports both USB-C and NFC, making it compatible with most smartphones and PCs. This new model, which costs $29, is compatible with both FIDO U2F and FIDO 2.

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YouTube, Dropbox, Brave, Edge browser, Facebook, Twitter, Coinbase, Google accounts, Microsoft accounts, and other major online services and applications can all be utilized with the security key. Consumers can learn more about the platforms that support Yubico’s Security line of keys by visiting the company’s website.

Like other security keys from Yubico and competitors, the Security Key C NFC has a small thumb drive-like shape with a hole for attaching it to a keychain. For further durability, the device has a fiberglass-reinforced body. In addition to USB-C, the NFC capability is a huge plus since it allows users to validate logins by touching the security key on the back of the device.

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The Yubico Security Key C NFC is available in single units for $29 and multi-packs up to a tray of 50 keys. The security key should suffice for most people. Still, business professionals and those who require greater protocol support can look into the $50 YubiKey 5 Series, which supports Smart Card, OpenPGP 3, and other protocols.

Source: yubico | yubico.com