Animal Crossing Video Recreates Squid Game’s First Episode

Animal Crossing Video Recreates Squid Game's First Episode

An Animal Crossing fan video has remade Squid Game’s “Red Light, Green Light” episode, pitting beloved villagers against each other.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons faithfully recreates the first episode of Netflix sensation Squid Game. In the first of six life-or-death games, fan-favourite Animal Crossing villagers compete against each other in a fan-made video that combines the Korean drama with the Nintendo classic.

Following its September release on the streaming platform, Squid Game has taken the world by storm. The show follows a group of down-on-their-luck people who enter a series of children’s games in the hopes of winning a large cash prize. Unfortunately, players will lose their lives if they lose a game, raising the stakes in a battle for survival. The series has become one of Netflix’s most popular shows, making 2021 a significant year for the streaming service. Netflix also recently purchased its first game studio to expand its game library.

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YouTube By combining in-game features with some editing magic, 멜로우 다이어리 Mellow Diary has recreated Squid Game in Animal Crossing. The video is based on the series’ first episode, Red Light, Green Light, and depicts AC characters risking – and losing – their lives in a house that resembles the show’s first play arena. Raymond and Flurry are among the villagers competing to reach the finish line without being detected by an Animal Crossing player dressed as the show’s motion detector robot. The final product is both amusing and impressive, paving the way for more Squid Game remakes in the future.

To bring the world of Squid Game to life, the clever Animal Crossing video makes extensive use of in-game decorations, clothing, and items. The Rice-Paddy Wall, like the sand flooring, is based on the show’s background. The Loft Bed with Desk item replicates the bunk beds slept on by Squid Game challengers, while Villagers are dressed in the green tracksuits made famous by the Netflix series. Short stories and role-plays based on Animal Crossing have gained a following on YouTube, and it’s hoped that the creator will create more Squid Game recreations in the future.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s many tools and items have been used by skilled builders and designers to recreate their favourite TV scenes, movie moments, and other video games. The only limits to the game’s creativity are the item catalogue and the players’ imaginations. With a new Animal Crossing update set to release later this year, fans can expect more new features to aid their builds.

Source: YouTube/멜로우 다이어리Mellow Diary