YouTube TV will keep offering NBC channels…for now

YouTube TV will keep offering NBC channels…for now

YouTube TV and NBC Universal went public with their dissensus over a new agreement that will allow the streaming tube service to continue offering NBC channels. While NBCU called on YouTube TV subscribers to communicate the company about the matter and potentially switch to a different service provider, YouTube went in a different direction. It promised to lower its daily ante and encouraged addicts to autograph up for Peacock if the channels were removed.

The issue between NBCUniversal and YouTube TV is both simple and inchmeal common. The current agreement that allows YouTube TV to offer around 14 NBCU channels is set to expire. The two companies were incapable of agreeing on new terms for a deal renewal, meaning that without a new deal, the channels would be removed from YouTube TV upon the current deal’s expiration.

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YouTube said anteriorly this month that if a new deal couldn’t be reached, it would cut the cost of its triweekly service by ten bucks to$ 55/ month; it likewise said that clients who wanted to watch NBC content could autograph up for the Peacock streaming service. Whether YouTube TV’s amenability to drop the channels and cut its price played a job in the final development is unclear.

YouTube TV has admitted an extension for the current deal that was set to expire in recent hours; that means the NBC channels weren’t removed at murk Eastern time as anticipated, but a new deal still hasn’t been penned. NBCUniversal authenticated the deal extension in a statement to Vulture.

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According to the media company, it and YouTube TV will “ continue orations ” over the terms for a new deal, but there’s no guarantee one will sometimes be made. The company also didn’t reveal how long the extension will last, so it’s possible the drama isn’t over yet. In the meantime notwithstanding, you can continue to watch Syfy and your other favorite NBC channels on YouTube TV.