Animal Crossing Player Uses Bread To Recreate Silent Hill 3 Meme

Animal Crossing Player Uses Bread To Recreate Silent Hill 3 Meme

An Animal Crossing: Recent Horizons user has recreated Silent Hill 3’s “it’s bread” meme using the game’s bread, introduced in the new update.

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons user has recreated the Silent Hill 3 bread scene in-game, cosplaying as Heather Mason, thanks to a recent game update. The famed bread moment from Silent Hill 3 has become a meme in the years since its debut, spreading to every corner of the internet, now it’s finally become a meme in Animal Crossing.

Players of Animal Crossing: Latest Horizons love the new 2.0 update, which includes new features, characters, and quality-of-life enhancements, among other things. The game update went live more than a day early of its intended November 5 release date, allowing gamers a chance to check out the new features ahead of schedule. Mystery boat trips, the shopping Plaza, cooking, and farming are among the new gameplay aspects, emphasizing food being a pleasure for many. As expected, the avalanche of new content has already spawned a slew of popular Animal Crossing jokes that have been shared throughout social media as gamers discover all of the latest Animal Crossing products.

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The Silent Hill community was amazed at Redditor Mysterious Age 2228’s reproduction of the Silent Hill 3 meme. When Heather visits Helen’s Bakery in the original game, she can interact with the store’s products by just saying, “It’s bread.” The new basket of bread item, one of several improvements from the 2.0 update, makes the “it’s bread” meme conceivable in Animal Crossing. The designer has placed a few bread baskets in their home to recreate the meme, added an “it’s bread” thought-bubble to their character, and dressed in a bespoke SH3-inspired costume. For the Redditor, creating the post looks like a dream come true since he appears to have been waiting for bread in Animal Crossing for quite some time. The message was titled: “This is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. It’s a loaf of [sic] bread.”

I have waited so long for this. Its bread. from silenthill

The inventor of the Animal Crossing meme isn’t the only one waiting for the bread to appear in the game. Since the opening of New Horizons, bakeries and restaurants have been popular buildings, but a scarcity of food products forced people to get inventive. Using designed hats, which might resemble food baskets with bespoke designs, was frequent to “create bread” in ACNH. Thanks to the latest update, which adds different ornamental food-related things and the ability to cook and display meals, this is likely to be a thing of the past.

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With the 2.0 update Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players may anticipate witnessing an increase in both player numbers and player designs. The 2.0 update has brought over 9,000 new Animal Crossing goods to the catalog, with various themes and designs to suit practically any island build. In addition, because of the size of the update, players can expect to witness more fan-made content than ever before, including improved eateries and bakery builds, as well as meme recreations.

Source: Reddit/Mysterious_Age_2228