Amazon Halo can now share real-time heart rate data with third-party products

Amazon Halo can now share real-time heart rate data with third-party products

Amazon has pushed out an update for its Halo fitness product, adding the power to trace your real-time pulse data in third-party apps and devices. The new capability comes within the sort of a Bluetooth Low Energy setting, consistent with Amazon, which offers its Halo system in two forms: a fitness wearable and a mobile app ‘hub.’

Amazon Halo is one among the multiple fitness-tracking products on the market, though with a singular feature that measures the user’s body composition and displays their body as a 3D model within the mobile app. The fitness band is priced at $99.99; users’ reviews are fairly middling at 3.5 out of 5 stars.

If you’re one of the people that are satisfied with Amazon’s Halo product, then you’ll appreciate the new choice to share your pulse tracking data with third-party products. Amazon says CLMBR, iFit/NordicTrack, and OpenFit are among the brands that support Halo’s new features.

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Amazon has launched a replacement support page that details the way to found out the new Halo band pulse sharing feature. First, you’ll get to stir up the Halo app on your phone, then head into Settings > pulse Sharing. Then, together with your Halo Band on your wrist, toggle on the ‘Share heart rate’ setting.

When you first toggle this feature on, you’ll get to comply with the privacy terms. From there, you’ll see prompts that direct you to share the guts rate tracking data with the third-party app or product you favor. Amazon notes that the Bluetooth pairing process will show the Halo device name as “Amazon HR.”

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