Amazon drops mask requirement for vaccinated warehouse workers

Amazon drops mask requirement for vaccinated warehouse workers

Amazon has made a significant adjustment for warehouse workers, allowing vaccinated personnel to return to work. Starting tomorrow, properly vaccinated warehouse workers will no longer be required to wear face masks, though they can still do so if they desire. The move will apply to its US warehouses, with exceptions made in regions where local or governmental mandates prevent it.

According to a memo issued to Amazon’s US operations staff last week, the move will take effect tomorrow, November 2. CNBC obtained a copy of the memo, which states in part, “Vaccines are universally available across the US, and immunisation rates continue to grow, allowing us to revert to our former mask policy.”

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Following the communication disclosure, Amazon confirmed its policy change plan, stating that it will continue to assess its warehouse safety procedures using public health recommendations and medical specialists. To get rid of their masks, employees must be fully vaccinated, which means they’ve received the final dosage of their COVID-19 vaccination, and it’s been at least two weeks since that treatment.

Amazon’s warehouse mask policy has just changed. The Internet behemoth allowed its fully vaccinated warehouse workers to stop wearing masks earlier this year, but the requirement was reinstated in August when Delta cases spiked across the country.

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The COVID-19 vaccine is not required for Amazon employees. Employer requirements have sparked debate in the United States, with some employers opting to impose vaccines before employees may return to work. On the other hand, other businesses have confined the requirement to personnel covered by the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement for government contractors.

Source: cnbc