A glitch in Halo Infinite is erasing players’ save files

A glitch in Halo Infinite is erasing players' save files

\Players in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer and single-player modes lose hours of progress due to a new bug that corrupts save data.

In Halo Infinite, players face a severe bug that corrupts save data in both the single-player campaign and multiplayer gaming modes. After a long and controversial development, the next version of Microsoft’s long-running sci-fi FPS brand finally launched in total, winning plaudits from fans and critics alike as both love respect to previous Halo games and a suitable entry point for newcomers. After Infinite’s divisive early showings in 2020, 343 Industries refined and built upon the time-honoured Halo formula with Halo Infinite’s multiplayer release in early November, breaking Steam records as players logged on to see how 343 Industries refined and built upon the time-honoured Halo formula.

The single-player narrative in Halo Infinite has received exceptionally high praise, continuing the story of Master Chief as he battles a new danger in the Banished on the Zeta Halo’s battlefield. Players have already warmed up to the Chief’s new Grappleshot and Repulsor weaponry by pulling off incredible acrobatics in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, and the Halo Infinite storyline features plenty of Easter Eggs for eagle-eyed fans to find. Unfortunately, a new bug is destroying the fun for newcomers to Halo Infinite’s tale, wiping out hours of progress made on the multiplayer battlefield as well.

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According to VG247, Halo Infinite gamers are experiencing an odd gameplay issue that appears to be harmless at first but eventually corrupts all of their save data. Users on the Resetera and Halo Waypoint forums have experienced respawning in Infinite’s third-person mode and clipping through the ground or dangling aimlessly in the air, prompting an Xbox sign-in prompt to appear onscreen. The issue is that the player in question has already logged into Halo Infinite, therefore doing so as instructed would cause a bug that will ruin the player’s login data for both single-player and multiplayer, forcing the user to wipe everything clean and start over with a new save file. According to YouTuber Duskin K, this glitch appears to affect both the PC and Xbox Series X/S versions of Halo Infinite.

Some curious players have managed to replicate this glitch in Halo Infinite by plugging in a second controller, switching its connection from wired to Bluetooth, attempting to log onto the game on PC while playing on the Xbox Series X/S, and using Halo Infinite’s quick resume feature while playing another game with multiple users signed onto the same account. This might lead players to spawn through Halo Infinite’s multiplayer floor, making them vulnerable to opponents.

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So yet, neither Microsoft nor 343 Industries have responded to this game-breaking Halo Infinite flaw, but it appears to be a growing issue for fans of the Halo franchise. Hopefully, the issue will be rectified in a future update patch, allowing gamers to concentrate on fighting it out in Halo Infinite without fear of losing hours of effort.

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