50+ Excellent Xbox Series X|S Tips to Boost Your Console

50+ Excellent Xbox Series X|S Tips to Boost Your Console

Here we can see, “50+ Excellent Xbox Series X|S Tips to Boost Your Console”

Check out these helpful hints in our downloadable cheat sheet if you’ve upgraded to an Xbox Series X or Series S for the next generation.

You can play the next generation of games on the Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. Both consoles have ultra-fast storage, a sleek interface, and custom controllers. So even if you’ve used earlier Xbox consoles, there’s a lot to take in when it comes to these new ones.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Xbox Series X and Series S tips and tricks to assist you. In addition, we’ll walk you through important features, explain console differences, and much more.

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Check Out the Best Xbox Series X|S Tips and Tricks

Which Series X or Series S Should You Buy?
1The key advantages of the Series X over the Series S include a 4K Blu-ray drive, higher-quality video output, and greater storage for an extra $200. (1TB vs 512GB).
2Because the Xbox Series S lacks a disc drive, you won't be able to play disc-based games or watch physical movies from previous Xbox generations. You can only play digital games and can't rent or borrow them from pals.
3The Series X is worth the additional money if you only acquire one console this generation. The Series S, which is less powerful, is a nice partner for a PS5.
4The Series S can only display 1440p at 120 frames per second. Because most TVs are 1080p or 4K, your Series S output may be limited to 1080p.
5Consider the Xbox All Access programme, which allows you to pay for your Xbox console and Game Pass Ultimate with no interest over 24 months.
Hardware for Xbox Series X and Series S
6The power socket, one HDMI output, two USB-A ports, an Ethernet port, and a storage expansion slot for the proprietary Xbox external drive are all found on the backside of both models.
7The controller pairing button and an additional USB connector are located on the front of each console. Connect accessories or charge controllers and accessories using these USB ports.
8With the official Seagate Storage Expansion Card, you may expand the storage capacity of your Xbox Series X or Series S. An external USB drive can also be connected to your Xbox.
9However, USB drives can only be used to play Xbox One, Xbox 360, and original Xbox games. Games for the Xbox Series X|S can be stored on external drives. However, they can only be played using internal or expanded SSD storage.
10Either console can be used in a horizontal or vertical orientation. However, the Series S is best viewed horizontally because its thinness makes it prone to falling when viewed vertically.
11Because the Xbox Series S is one of the smallest modern consoles, it should fit easily into your entertainment centre.
12Because neither the Series X nor the Series S support Kinect, you won't utilise it. As a result, games that use Kinect will not work on the Series X|S.
The Xbox Controller
13The Xbox Series X|S controller is substantially identical to the Xbox One controller. The key modifications are a revamped D-pad, a new Share button, a USB-C port instead of a micro-USB port, and a better grip texture.
14The Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S controllers are backwards compatible. Therefore, older Xbox One controllers can be used with your new console and vice versa.
15Two AA batteries are still required for the Xbox Series X|S controller. Purchase the Xbox Rechargeable Battery Pack to enable recharging for your controller. It also works with the Xbox One Play & Charge Kit.
16You may remap all of the buttons on your Xbox controller to suit your preferences. To make global changes, go to Settings > Devices & connections > Accessories > Configure.
17To take a screenshot of your gaming, press the Share button on your controller (below the Xbox button). Then, double-press it to see your recent captures and hold it to save a video clip of what just transpired.
18Change the capture resolution, length, storage location, and more in Settings > Preferences > Capture & share. To reassign the default Share button function, select Button mapping.
Basics of the Xbox Series X|S
19Press the Xbox button on your controller to access the guide, which offers a handy menu packed with useful functions and shortcuts. Its tabs allow you to establish and manage parties, access Settings, read messages, and more.
20The dashboard displays the games and apps that have been used recently. To see everything you possess, go to My games & apps, and then to the Microsoft Store to browse and buy new digital games.
21Open the guide, go to the Profile & system tab, and select Add or switch to add another profile to your console.
22Your Xbox should update automatically, but you can manually check for and apply upgrades by going to Settings > System > Updates.
23To access the search tool, press Y while on the dashboard. This makes it simple to find games you own, Game Pass titles, Settings choices, and more.
24To access the power menu, press and hold the Xbox button on your controller for a few seconds. You can use this menu to turn the console off, restart it, or turn off your controller.
25Go to Settings > General > Power mode & startup to adjust your system's power consumption. Instant-on or Energy-saving are the alternatives under Power mode, and it's crucial to double-check.
26Instant-on consumes more energy, but it allows your Xbox to boot up almost instantaneously and download updates in the background. To save energy, your computer must start up completely each time.
27To view what's eating up space on your Xbox, go to Settings > System > Storage devices. Here you can remove or transfer content to external storage.
28You may customise your Xbox in various ways, such as changing the background or organising the interface.
Games from the Xbox Series X and Series S
29Both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S can play the same games. Although the Xbox Series X will run them faster, there are no unique titles available on one device.
30Many Xbox games are currently compatible with both the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X|S. A Series X|S logo will appear on the package (physical games) or the Store listing (digital games) for the new consoles on titles optimised.
31Smart Delivery ensures that you receive the "best version" of any Xbox games you own. For example, if you possess an Xbox One game that gets an enhanced Series X|S version, the superior version will instantly load onto your console.
32Most Xbox One titles are backwards compatible with the Xbox Series X and Series S, and they can also play many Xbox 360 and original Xbox games. For more information about specific titles, visit the Xbox Backward Compatibility page.
33Insert the disc to play physical games with backward compatibility (Series X only). You'll find digital games under the My games & apps library.
34When you buy an Xbox Play Anywhere game, you can play it on your Xbox and your Windows PC via the Windows Store. Your progress is synced across all of your devices.
35Although you may have received a ticket for a free trial of Xbox Game Pass in the box, neither Xbox system comes with a pack-in game.
36Xbox Game Pass is one of the most useful Xbox services. You can play hundreds of high-quality games for a monthly price. Open Game Pass from the dashboard, then select and download the games you wish to play.
37Game Pass Ultimate gives you access to Game Pass on Xbox and PC, as well as Xbox Live Gold, EA Play, and Xbox cloud game streaming.
Any game published by Xbox Game Studios on the day it is released is included in the 38 Game Pass.
38Any game produced by Xbox Game Studios on the day it is released is included in Game Pass.
Xbox Live Gold
39Online multiplayer in premium games requires an Xbox Live Gold subscription. However, gold is not necessary to play free-to-play online games like Rocket League and Apex Legends. You also don't need Gold for party conversation.
40Another advantage is Games With Gold's monthly "free" games. Xbox 360 games are yours to retain, but if your subscription expires, you'll lose access to Xbox One and Series X|S titles.
41Xbox Live Gold members receive discounts on Microsoft Store digital games and content. So if you obtain a good deal on your subscription, it can end up paying for itself in the long run.
Remote Play and the Xbox App
42Message your friends, get reminders about invites, share your captures, and even stream your games from your console to your phone by downloading the Xbox app for Android, iPhone, or Windows.
43You can buy Xbox games from the Microsoft Store on the web, then download them to your console, so they're ready to play when you arrive home.
44For more information on streaming your Xbox games to your phone, see the Xbox Remote Play page. In addition, you can stream select Xbox games from the cloud with Game Pass Ultimate, even if you don't own them.
45To activate remote play on your Xbox Series X|S, go to Settings > Devices & connections > Remote features.
46We suggest using XB Deals, an unofficial service that allows you to keep track of your game wishlist and receive notifications when they go on sale.
Xbox hints and tidbits
47Quick Resume lets you pause a game and pick up immediately where you left off. At any given time, you can suspend up to three Xbox Series X|S games.
48Start another game while you have one open to use Quick Resume. When you return to the original game, it will resume where you left off almost instantaneously.
49To view which games are saved in Quick Resume, go to My games & apps > Groups > Quick Resume.
50You may use Google Assistant or Alexa to operate your Xbox by voice by navigating to Settings > Devices & connections > Digital assistants.
51If system notifications annoy you, set them to show what you want to view under Settings > Preferences > Notifications. You can also change their position and timing.
52Open Settings > Account > Linked social accounts to link your Xbox with other social accounts. This allows you to publish your photos in more places and reflect your status on platforms like Discord.
53Your Xbox has settings to help you get the most out of your new console's picture quality. To alter settings, go to Settings > General > TV & display preferences. Calibrate TV can assist with fine-tuning.
54On the Xbox Series X|S, game sharing is possible. For example, to save money, you and a trusted friend can access each other's games.
55Go to Settings > General > Online safety & family to learn more. For example, to restrict console functionality for minors or adjust what other users can see about you.
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With Xbox, you can enjoy generations of gaming.

You’ll be able to get the most out of your Xbox Series X or Series S if you follow these guidelines. It’s an exciting moment to buy one of these consoles, as more games will take advantage of the strong technology as time goes on. Additionally, system software modifications will make it easier to use your Xbox.

Many Xbox-compatible controllers are available if you need a second controller for couch co-op or use an Xbox controller for remote play.


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User Questions:

  1. Can the Xbox One S run 120 frames per second?

Gaming consoles from the current generation, such as the Sony PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox Series X, and Microsoft Xbox Series S, have the processing power to run games at 120 frames per second.

  1. Why is my Xbox 360 so sluggish?

What Causes Downloads to Be Slow on Xbox Series X and S? The fact that game file sizes are so large is the fundamental cause of slow download times. In addition, games will take longer to download with a fast internet connection and optimum conditions than they did on previous platforms.

  1. Can the Xbox Series S be upgraded to 4K?

Because of its inferior specs, the Xbox Series S does not support native 4K. This console’s default resolution is 1440p (also known as Quad HD). However, when connected to an ultra HD display, the Xbox Series S can upscale games to 4K quality.

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