Negative Atmosphere Wears Dead Space Influences On Its Sleeve

Negative Atmosphere Wears Dead Space Influences On Its Sleeve

Upcoming indie game Negative Atmosphere looks to channel the Dead Space series to deliver a nightmare-inducing trip through a derelict spaceship.

Negative Atmosphere is an upcoming sci-fi survival horror game on Steam that seems to require heavy inspiration from the Dead Space series. It was first announced in 2019 by English indie developer Sunscorched Studios, who have pledged to capture the hopelessness of being lost in space with no rescue in view .

Early descriptions of Negative Atmosphere’s plot indicate that players will take hold of Samuel Edwards, a medic aboard an outsized spaceship named the TRH Rusanov. When a mysterious virus starts to infect the ship’s crew and switch them into rampaging monsters, Edwards will need to journey across the darkened halls of the derelict vessel employing a mixture of stealth and limited weaponry – all while trying to not succumb to the madness himself. This premise is notably very almost like that of EA‘s franchise, which saw Dead Space engineer named Isaac Clarke fighting for his life against a monstrous hoard referred to as the Necromorphs across three games. Surely, Negative Atmosphere’s latest trailer looks to capture that very same level of terror.

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On Monday, Sunscorched Studios posted a replacement trailer for Negative Atmosphere, one that shows off the chilling indie title’s survival-based gameplay. Edwards is shown wearily navigating the darkened halls of the TRH Rusanov, armed with a spacesuit and a little handgun. The firearm proves little comfort against the Necromorph-like creatures infesting the ship, together soon attacks Edwards as he makes his rounds. Edwards is forced to physically beat the monster to death together with his bare hands before making his thanks to an armored suit of some kind. Any protection this provides proves to be fleeting though, because it suddenly starts to malfunction – leaving Edwards susceptible to the creatures because the trailer ends.

Negative Atmosphere comes right at an equivalent time Dead Space is about to form a comeback with a brand-new reimagining of the first Dead Space. EA and developer Visceral Games have promised that this new Dead Space reboot will return to the fundamentals of the franchise after the frustration of 2013’s Dead Space 3. This new Dead Space game will feature improved Zero Gravity sections and a newly revamped dismemberment system which will allow Isaac to tear Necromorphs apart in additional gruesome detail than ever before. Additionally, content and features that were cut from the first series could be featured, and original Isaac Clarke voice actor will reprise his role because the troubled engineer up against a nightmarish force beyond any imagination.

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Only time will tell if Negative Atmosphere can deliver equivalent chills as Dead Space. Still, the game’s latest trailer has all the makings of an honest survival horror indie title – like long, darkened hallways, sudden jump scares, and an overall sense of dread as players remain ever-vigilant against a monstrous foe that will strike at any time. Negative Atmosphere is currently listed on Steam, but a possible release date hasn’t been announced yet.

Source: Sunscorched Studios/YouTube