Vivaldi’s Latest Update Unlocks Even More Browser Functionality

Vivaldi's Latest Update Unlocks Even More Browser Functionality

Vivaldi just got even more useful with the newest 4.1 version of the privacy-centric browser software.

It looks like Vivaldi’s revolutionary version 4.0 only came out yesterday, yet the brand is here with another update to its user-focused browser software.

Introducing Vivaldi 4.1

Vivaldi 4.1 is here, and with it comes a bunch of updates that improve the functionality of the awesome privacy-focused browser.

This follows up Vivaldi’s 4.0 update, which was released in June 2021. So, this update arrives only a few months later.

You can download the newest Vivaldi browser now. Just head to, and you’ll grab it for Windows or Android devices.

So what can we get with the newest update? Let’s examine …

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What Features Does Vivaldi 4.1 Introduce?

Vivaldi’s giant-killing feature set just grew even bigger with the browser’s 4.1 updates.

First off, we’ve tab stacking. So, instead of having 8 million browser tabs cluttering your screen, you’ll now stack all of them into one neat little tab and open that up once you need it.

Vivaldi already had two options for tab-stacking. These are compact tabs and two-level tabs. Now there’s a third; accordion stacking.

Accordion tabs allow you to expand the tab stack with one click of the parent tab. The accordion will expand to the proper of the parent tab instead of downwards like two-level tabs.

This allows you to group tabs with similar content. For example, say you’re researching a replacement piece of technology. You’ll store all the tabs for that research under one accordion, which you’ll then expand as you would like. If you would like to see your emails, the accordion will collapse while you are doing so to return to once you are.

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Second, Vivaldi gets what the brand is looking for, Command Chains. What’s this? Well, it’s a way of sewing together several of Vivaldi’s 200+ browser commands, which allows you to perform complex operations with the press of a shortcut.

You can assign your shortcuts or mouse gestures to Vivaldi’s command chain feature, meaning you’ll add excellent custom functionality to your workflow.

Also, you will find silent updates for Windows within the new updates, meaning that any future updates will download and install automatically. The browser’s reader view also gets a further feature; a moment counter. So now you’ll skill long it’ll take you to read a piece of writing.

Vivaldi Is an Excellent Alternative to the Big Boy Browsers

Vivaldi won’t be the most important name in browsers, but it’s certainly among the simplest. Especially so because it puts its users in the middle of everything it does, instead of sponsored advertising or other semi-nefarious practices.

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There’s a reason we chose it because the best Chrome alternative out there.