You Can Now Easily Invite Friends to Your Oculus VR Gaming Sessions

You Can Now Easily Invite Friends to Your Oculus VR Gaming Sessions

VR gaming is close to becoming more sociable because of the newest Oculus VR software update…

There’s no denying that Oculus VR is awesome, thanks to enjoying video games. However, it is often a somewhat solitary existence, especially when inviting your friends to play games with you is not the easiest of processes.

Well, not anymore, because the latest Oculus software update brings a social aspect to the ecosystem.

Invite Friends to Your Oculus VR Apps

Gaming has proven itself a crucial social experience for gamers new and old, particularly during the COVID pandemic. Gaming brands have spotted this and capitalized thereon, too.

Fortunately, one such brand making its ecosystem more social is Oculus, which has introduced many community-based updates with the newest software version; v31. Oculus has confirmed this update via an blog post.

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Updates roll out gradually for Oculus users, so if you do not have the extra features now, don’t be concerned; your update is within the mail.

So, what are the small print of the newest Oculus VR software update?

What Does Oculus Software v31 Do?

As mentioned, the v31 software update features a rake of the latest features designed to reinforce the social aspect of gaming.

First, the update brings a replacement feature; Invite to App. Several apps will support this feature soon, and it’s essentially a neater thanks to inviting people to your gaming session. They do not even get to get on your friend list; you’ll add existing friends, people you’ve recently played a game with or against, and any in-game connections you create.

You choose the Invite to App option from the universal search menu, and you’ll beam players into your multiplayer experience once they accept your invite. Previous methods involved party creation and invitation; this makes matters much easier.

Second, the update makes it easier to line up a multiplayer session outside of your headset. You’ll now use your smartphone to do so using the Oculus mobile app for iOS and Android.

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Just head to the Oculus app, find the Social tab, and choose the sport you would like to play. From here, you’ll create an invitation link that you can send to your friends. With this, they will join your multiplayer session. Easy!

The Oculus Messenger function allows you to stay track of conversations by adding Send and skim receipts. You’ll now also add reactions to your conversations. Cue heart emojis flooding your Beat Saber invites.

Oculus has also added a swathe of security improvements, like setting or resetting your unlock pattern and storing passwords to be used within the Oculus browser. Online security is more important than chatting to your friends, but also significantly less exciting.

Do You Own an Oculus Quest?

If so, then you’re likely jumping for joy at these improvements. Get within the game quicker with the new invite system, and keep your friends closer than your enemies with the Oculus mobile app.

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Oh yeah, and therefore the v31 update allows you to remain safe online, too!