Xiaomi pledges OS updates and security patches for years

Xiaomi pledges OS updates and security patches for years

One of the foremost frustrating things that smartphone users purchase a replacement device is when the manufacturer obsoletes the working device by deciding not to offer updates and security patches for their smartphone. Short lifespans may be a particularly big issue for giant businesses that have multiple smartphones for workers. Xiaomi has made an announcement that will make consumers easier with its smartphones in the future.

The smartphone maker has announced that its Xiaomi 11T series, including the 11T Pro and 11T, will be supported with three generations of Android system upgrades and a minimum of four years of security patches. Meaning for a minimum of four years, the smartphone won’t be obsoleted. Xiaomi says its promise means owners of those devices will have a far better user experience and long-term data security.

Unfortunately for those that already own a Xiaomi smartphone, the guaranteed security patches and OS upgrades are just for the 11T series at this point. The manufacturer says improvements in smartphone hardware have lengthened the lifecycle of a tool. As a result, users do not need to replace the devices frequently as they did in the past. However, many of us upgrade by choice, not a necessity.

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Xiaomi says it’s evaluating the likelihood of bringing extended Android OS and security updates to more smartphones. It points out that it’s a big undertaking to supply updates and patches for all previous smartphone models, hinting it’s unable to do so for everything. One advantage of extending OS updates and security patches is that fewer devices would be tossed in landfills.

However, one big downside to the present for Xiaomi is that it’ll be encouraging consumers to stay with old handsets instead of buying one among its newer handsets. the corporate says extending updates and patches is a component of its sustainable

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