Battlefield Mobile beta for Android release detailed: What we know

Battlefield Mobile beta for Android release detailed: What we know

Earlier this year, Electronic Arts announced plans to launch a replacement Battlefield title for mobile devices, giving players a replacement thanks to experiencing the game. the corporate said Battlefield Mobile would arrive in 2022, but the beta version will launch for a few players earlier. the corporate is now back with details of that beta.

Battlefield Mobile will come from DICE and Industrial Toys. The developer promised an utterly new Battlefield game built from the bottom up, playable on smartphones and tablets. With the title’s initial announcement, players can expect a “fully-fledged, skill-based experience,” EA said back in April.

EA published the latest update on the Battlefield Mobile game on its Community website. One community manager announced when the game’s beta will arrive and who will have access to it. Assuming you reside during a region where the beta will be offered, you’ll have the chance to pre-register for access through the Google Play Store.

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The beta will initially be available to Android players located within the Philippines and Indonesia starting this fall, with additional regions and tests being added soon after. EA says there’ll be a limited number of slots available for those that want to trial the mobile game, meaning you won’t necessarily tend to access it, albeit you pre-register.

The beta Android test is by invite only and can get on a first-come, first-serve basis. the game would require an online connection and be liberal to play with in-game purchases for Battle Passes and cosmetics. The beta would need devices to run a minimum of Android 7, with EA noting that the game is optimized to run well on various devices.

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