How to: Fix Xbox One Headset Not Working

How to: Fix Xbox One Headset Not Working

Here we can see, “How to: Fix Xbox One Headset Not Working”

  • You have various options if your Xbox One headset isn’t functioning.
  • Check your profile first, then select your audio and privacy preferences.
  • Ensure your Xbox One console is functioning properly by giving it a fresh power cycle.
  • Update the firmware on your Xbox Controller, or replace it if it breaks.

However, you should be aware that Bluetooth-connected controllers do not allow accessories like headsets.

If you wish to use one on your PC, connect the controller first by connecting it to the computer by USB or a wireless adapter, and then attach the headset to the controller.

We’ve included a list of several remedies for this issue so you may resume playing and fully enjoy it.

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What can I do if my Xbox One headset is not working?

1. General troubleshooting solutions

    • Connect the headset cable firmly to the controller after disconnecting the headset or unplugging the headset wire.
    • Verifying the mute button on the headset controls ensures the headset is not muted.
    • To change audio settings, pick your controller under Settings>Device & Accessories and turn up the volume.
    • To test for hardware issues, try a different controller or headset.
    • Get the most recent software by updating your controller.
    • As the Xbox One headset isn’t designed to be used with other devices, and the console doesn’t broadcast game audio or music over the headset, be sure you’re just using it with the Xbox One controller.
    • Check the connector, wire, and headset for any flaws to clean your Xbox equipment. Make sure the headset connector is clean and free of debris.
    • Check the controller’s batteries; if they are low, the headset won’t get power; therefore you must first charge it.
    • Unplug your console’s power for 15 seconds to restart it.

Here are some general fixes you can attempt before utilizing any additional solutions if you can’t hear the sound or other people can’t hear you when using the headset.

2. Check your profile/Configure privacy and online settings

      1. Use either your Xbox account or the parent account of the child account that is giving you trouble to log in.
      2. Select Settings when the manual is opened.
      3. Select Privacy & internet security under Account.
      4. View information & personalize should be chosen.
      5. Select Voice and text communication.
      6. Depending on which friends you want that profile to contact, choose either particular friends or everyone.

    If the profile you’re using has parental restrictions, you can update it to prevent kid profiles from blocking chats. After finishing, you should resolve the Xbox One headset issue.

    3. Power cycle your Xbox One console

      1. To access the instructions, press the Xbox button.
      2. Select Settings, then System.
      3. The Power & Startup option.
      4. Select Power mode and startup after that.
      5. Choose the Power mode.
      6. Pick energy conservation.
      7. Hold the Xbox button down for 10 seconds to perform a complex power cycle. Then, press the button once more to restart the console.
      8. Wait to see if the Xbox One S console will read the disc before trying it again. Return to Instant-On power mode if it reads.

    4. Check your settings

        1. Go to the Home page on your console.
        2. The My Games and Apps option.
        3. Choose apps.
        4. Choose Party, then click “Start a Party.”
        5. Speak into the microphone, and your name will be highlighted if your mic and controller are functioning.

      It’s not likely related to your NAT settings because your headset isn’t muted, you’ve turned your Xbox on and off, and it’s doubtful that your controller isn’t connected to your profile.

      5. Adjust game/chat balance

      You can adjust the audio balance between the game and the chat room using the headset adaptor.

      The sound you hear will only come from the game and not chat if the balance for the game is 100% and the balance for chat is 0%, and vice versa. You can adjust the balance (left side) by activating the buttons on the adapter.

      6. Update firmware

      Your controller’s firmware needs to be updated in order for it to work with the headset adapter if your Xbox One headset isn’t working.

      You may fully utilize the features of the headset adapter, including significant controller upgrades, when your controller is updated with the most recent firmware.

      You can update wirelessly, through USB, or through your PC.

      6.1. Update firmware wirelessly

          1. On your Xbox One console, sign in to Xbox Live and, if asked, install the most recent system update.
            • In order for your controller to receive updates as well, if you have a stereo headset adapter, plug it into the bottom of the device.
          2. Connect a headset if you’re using a stereo headset adaptor (a headset must be plugged in so the adapter will turn on).
          3. Open the manual.
          4. Choose System.
          5. Choose your Kinect & gadgets.
          6. Choose Accessories & Devices.
          7. Choose the controller that needs updating.
          8. Choosing Device details.
          9. Check the box for the firmware version.
          10. To upgrade the controller on your Xbox One, choose Continue.

        6.2. Update firmware via USB

        Do the following if your controller can only be updated through USB:

          1. When prompted, log into Xbox Live on your Xbox One console and apply the most recent system update.
          2. In order for your controller to receive updates, if you have one, plug it into the bottom of the device.
            • Connect a headset if you’re using a stereo headset adaptor (a headset must be plugged in so the adapter will turn on).
          3. Connect the provided USB cable’s large end to the port on the console’s left side.
          4. Connect the controller’s little end to the top.
          5. The update installation instructions will show up. You can start the process manually by opening the guide and choosing System > Kinect & devices > Devices & accessories > Controller you wish to update if the installation instructions don’t immediately show.
          6. Choose Device details.
          7. the Firmware version box to select
          8. Choose Continue.
          9. To activate the wireless controller, press the Xbox button on it. You can now utilize your Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter because your controller is up to date.

        6.3. Update firmware via PC using Xbox Accessories app

          1. Open the Xbox Accessories app by searching for it.
          2. Use a USB cable or the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows to connect your Xbox One Wireless Controller. If you haven’t already, Windows 10 will prompt you to update.
          3. If an update is required, you will see the message Update Required when the controller is connected.
          4. Put the update in. Go to Device Info to see if there are any updates there as well.

        7. Check the chat mixer

            1. Navigate to Settings.
            2. Then pick Volume and audio output under General.
            3. Make sure that Stereo uncompressed is selected for your headset’s audio.
            4. Be sure to select Headphones & speakers under Party chat output.
            5. Visit the Chat Mixer.
            6. To prevent other sounds from being muted, use the Chat Mixer slider at the center of the options screen.

          Check the chat mixer in the Xbox One settings on the left sidebar menu if you are having trouble hearing others.

          8. Replace your peripherics

          Replace your controller

          After trying these troubleshooting techniques, it might need to be replaced if your chat headset is still not working. By using Device Support on the Xbox website, you can place an order for a replacement.

          Replace your headset

          When choosing a headset, comfort is one of the most crucial factors to consider. A comfortable headset can significantly enhance your enjoyment even if you do not play games frequently.

          To provide an immersive experience and effective communication, you should also check the quality of your microphone and your headphones’ audio output.


          I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

          User Questions

          1. How can I fix the Xbox One headset issue?

          Reconnect the headset to the controller after wiping the headset cable’s plug with a clean cloth. Connect the headset to a different controller to test it out. Replace the AA batteries in your wireless controller or replenish the rechargeable battery.

          2. Why don’t any of my headsets function on the Xbox One?

          Ensure the headset isn’t muted before checking the volume and console audio input if your Xbox One controller doesn’t recognize it. Update the controller’s firmware, restart the console, and try cleaning the controller and headset if your issues persist.

          3. How do I reset my Xbox One headset?

          Holding pressing the power and mute buttons on the headset’s left ear cup, swiftly connect the USB-C connection to an Xbox, Windows 10 PC, or power outlet. If the hard reset is successful, the headset should shut off. After that, switch the headset back on.

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